Unreal Game, Real Value: Play-To-Earn is Live on HodlGod!

We’ve been working really hard behind the scenes here at HodlGod to bring new features for our players, and today we’re excited to formally announce that play-to-earn is now live!

Play Now At HodlGod.com

Deep down, we’re gamers, too. And we know that gamers want to be rewarded for their gaming skills and combat cred. What you can earn depends only on your skill and determination to survive.

NFTs and raffle tickets will be randomly dropped in-game, popping up above your character’s head. Grab the NFT and be the last player standing to claim it. But beware… all other players can see it, so you need to survive to the end of the game to claim it.

If you have an Immortal Bounty Contract equipped you get to keep the NFT no matter what. Don’t have one yet? See our 90 second quick start guide here.

With this new in-game NFT and raffle ticket drop feature, HodlGod becomes a truly play-to-earn player vs player game. With the integration of play-to-earn, each lobby has a 30% chance of being dropped a silver key (an NFT raffle ticket) and a 10% chance of being dropped a golden bar (a Play to Earn Badge NFT worth around $20).

All you need is the gaming skills to be the last player standing to keep them.

Play To Earn Badge NFTs, just like all HodlGod NFTs, are stakeable within HodlGod’s forthcoming NFT-Fi ecosystem which rewards players who stake their NFTs with VOID tokens. So… lots to get excited about.

And There’s More to Come

As we continue to build out our platform, we’ll be adding more features over the next few months. We’ll be adding a new map in the game, so look out for that real soon. (HINT: It could be less than a week away).

Also expected to launch imminently is a new Immortal Gear set. We don’t have a timeline on this yet… but it’s not far away.

Remember, an Immortal Gear set consists of four shards: armor, a main-hand melee weapon, an off-hand melee weapon, and a bow. To earn an Immortal Gear set, players have to turn those four Immortal Shards into a bounty contract and complete the quests provided by that specific bounty contract. Once you’ve achieved that, you get to keep your Immortal Gear set, which will become scarcer as more and more players join the HodlGod community.

Check out the new trailer we’ve put together to celebrate the launch of these exciting in-game features.

We’re Dropping Even More Drops

There are more drops coming soon. Red Coin drops, which are random HodlGod packs/chests or Immortal Bounty contracts, are not far away. Each player has a 0.1% chance of receiving a Red Coin drop. We will also be launching a Purple Coin drop, with players having a 1% chance of receiving it. A Purple Coin represents one million VOID tokens.

We’ve also been thinking of different ways to reward our VOID token holders. One of these is an exciting new launch of special in-game drops for VOID holders. They could drop at any time in-game, so make sure to top up your VOID tokens to be ready. Not long to wait now!

(Note that the play-to-earn drop rates are subject to change at any time.)

And don’t forget, because we’re serious about the play-to-earn model, gamers can earn up to an additional $80 a day worth of NFTs for streaming HodlGod on Youtube or Twitch. We announced that earlier this month, but wanted to remind everyone there are many ways to collect rewards for playing HodlGod.

Our new in-game drops are just one more step towards building out the play-to-earn PvP Battle Royale style game of our dreams.

Become immortal!

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