The 90 Second Quick Start Guide To VOID, WAXP, & HodlGod NFTs

Step 1: Get WAX Cloud Wallet

If you haven’t already, visit and login to the WAX Cloud Wallet. This is the wallet that will be used to interact with our products and WAXP/VOID.

Step 2: How To Buy WAXP & VOID

We recommend buying WAXP from Bittrex — as they support many jurisdictions including The United States, and have credit/debit payments enabled for easy onboarding.

Step 3 : How To Buy HodlGod NFTs

Now that you have your tokens from Step 2, you are ready to participate in the HodlGod NFT market. You will need to use your WAX Cloud Wallet account whenever purchasing the NFTs.

NOTE: Atomic Hub is an open marketplace, like eBay. So beware of FAKE HodlGod NFTs. Ensure the NFT you’re buying is real by verifying that the collection name is ‘hodlgod’ with a verified check mark!

How to convert EOS VOID into WAX VOID

If you have VOID you would like to convert from the EOS Blockchain, simply send your VOID to the following EOS Account with the memo as your WAX account name (or WAX Cloud Wallet Name). For example the transaction would look like this.

To: voideostowax

Memo: yourname.wam

Remember! Always do a small test transaction when you are converting your VOID to make sure you have everything entered correctly. The transaction will take about 5–20 minutes and the VOID will automatically be added to your WAX Account.

How do I stake & lend my NFTs for rewards?

You can do this through our NFT staking protocol, WhenStaking. Check out our article on WhenStaking here for guidance. The innovative platform already has thousands of NFTs staked to it, earning competitive yields. You can stake an NFT for up to 365 days, back it with VOID up to its capacity, and receive your yield upfront. While your NFT is staked, you can continue to take advantage of its other utilities — such as in-game utilities — through WhenStaking’s in-built lending system.



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Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.