HodlGod Enigma Chest NFT Collection + NFT-Fi Announcement

Immortal Genesis Shards Will Be GONE FOREVER!

The Enigma Chest NFT Collection

Yes, after this NFT drop, no more genesis packs will be sold, and no genesis shards will ever be found in game. Meaning we have decided to exponentially increase the scarcity of the genesis collection, so that we can deliver even more exciting new collections. This collection will consist of 4 new Enigma Chest NFTs, sold once per week for 4 weeks. At the end of the 4 week event period, there will be a final 24 hour countdown to buy packs, any remaining packs beyond that time will be burned. We think this will be a great opportunity to get a discounted price on packs and not to mention some VOID tokens to go along with it. For the time being, all pack sales will be frozen, and you will not be able to buy packs individually until the final 24 hour countdown which will begin April 12th. If you are new to WAX and you would like to get started very buying WAXP quickly, please check out our 90 Second Quick Start Guide. The 4 new NFTs will be released as follows..

1. Enigma Genesis Wax Chest

Price: $40 (in $WAXP)

2. Enigma Genesis Shadow Chest

Price: $15 (in $WAXP)

3. Enigma Genesis Ice Chest

Price: $80 (in $WAXP)

4. Enigma Genesis Nature Chest

Price: $100 (in $WAXP)

What is HodlGod NFT-Fi?

NFT-Fi is a system where users can take all of their beloved NFTs and upgrade them, lend them, burn them, and stake them using the in-game cryptocurrency VOID. By participating in this system you will be able to earn VOID, as well as exclusive NFTs. Additionally by staking your NFTs you can earn experience and level them up, higher level NFTs get more staking capacity and are inherently more scarce.

BIG HINT: Rewards will be increased drastically by the first that participate in NFT-Fi. Make sure you have your collection ready to go at any moment.

The VOID has been opened.

For those that don’t know VOID is the utility token that will act as the in-game currency for HodlGod, as well as provide utility in any dapps or games that are built by Onessus in the future. This is a token that is a part of our core, and will always be at the heart of Onessus in perpetuity. The original VOID token exists on EOS, and at genesis we airdropped 15% of the supply to 30K+ of the top EOS holders. 5%~ was then claimed via our staking dapp, where believers in our project locked up tokens for 6–12 months. We would like to distribute the remaining majority over the next year or so. Here is our token info…

Learn To Purchase VOID In A Quick 90 Second Tutorial!

Token Ticker: VOID

How Do I Convert EOS VOID to WAX VOID

Check out the end of our Quick Start Guide, to access the EOS to WAX bridge. We have made it a very easy process.



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