At Onessus we’re always thinking of ways to make HodlGod more engaging and true to our commitment to play-to-earn. P2E is here to stay and we’re proud to be one of its pioneers.

In that spirit, we’re announcing today plans to implement badge blending so you can power up your…

Due to overwhelming demand from our community, we are relaunching the Void Supernaturals NFT pack sale. The aim? To find the 32 Supreme Cards!

You see… we believe amazing art belongs in the hands — and in front of the eyes — of our amazing collectors.

After the last sale…

HodlGod is looking great, and we’re getting some amazing support and feedback from our community, especially after the recent updates and scholarship program were announced.

But we’ve also been cooking up something else.

Our love of NFT gaming and the endless possibilities it offers gamers got us thinking…

What if…

HodlGod is Onessus’ flagship game and we have some big news to share to all our warriors and would-be warriors!

This is a long one, so let’s start with an overview:

Key Takeaways:

  • We’ve made some massive upgrades to HodlGod we know you’ll love
  • We’re launching a scholarship program by lending 52…


What a ride! Almost 2000 Power Generators sold in 10 minutes!

Now, hot on the heels of our Power Generators flash sale, the celebrations continue and we are delighted to announce that all of our collaboration partners are now live on WhenStaking!

So any of your NFTs from us…

We’re excited to announce that Void Supernaturals NFTs will be immediately stakable on WhenStaking!

This is a monumental development, marking a celebration of the Onessus-The Guild collaboration and the expansion of the WhenStaking platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • Onessus’ collaboration with The Guild, Void Supernaturals drops on Nefty Blocks tomorrow, Oct 5th…

Let’s power up with a 10-minute flash sale!

To celebrate the recent launch of our awesome NFT staking platform — which already has around 7% of the max supply of VOID tokens locked up and around 5,000 NFTs staked — we are holding a WhenStaking Power Generators event!

Key Takeaways

  • Buy some of our awesome new NFTs —…

A Whole New Partnership With Art Worth Celebrating

We love bringing on new collaboration partners. With each new collab, here at Onessus we get to work with a whole new team and explore new possibilities in the NFT landscape.

And it’s great to be able to partner up with such…

We did it!

A huge shout out to the Onessus & HodlGod community for waiting for — the ultimate NFT staking protocol. We recently told you it was imminent and here it is! Check it out.

The community has been asking about our forthcoming NFT staking protocol for months now. We’ve always tried to be as transparent as possible and keep everyone up-to-date with our progress.

The Onessus NFT Staking Protocol Update

“When staking?” has become such an oft-asked question, that we wanted to give you…


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