2021 is gearing up to be a very exciting year for the NFT space. We are seeing a ton of new projects entering the space, with more innovation and ambition than ever before. Many are beginning to see the great opportunities presented within the NFT space, and we are honored to be one of the projects leading the pack to showcase the power of this technology.

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Immortal Armory Teaser Trailer: https://youtu.be/DOG2-_SKoP0

Get your Immortal Shard sets ready, because today we are bringing you a big update with our newest upcoming Immortal Bounty Hunter Event that will be launching alongside the HodlGod alpha version later this month (TBA). …

Today, we are thrilled to announce our very first NFT series coming with the launch of HodlGod, the first blockchain battle royale game. With the help of the WAX team and the WAX community, our WAX worker proposal has been accepted and we are being provided funding to boost our development.

The WAX Worker Proposal allows anyone to request funding for their project on the WAX chain. We requested funding for the development of HodlGod Live, and have been granted an amount of 750’000 WAXP. …

We are very proud to announce that we will be opening our own liquidity pool, for the pooling and exchange of VOID tokens. This step confirms our will to set sturdy foundations for the path ahead, be it in our crypto battle royale game, HodlGod, or in the coming Onessus Economic Engine which solves ECommerce fraud and brings customizable smart contracts to the layman. We love the idea that, with blockchain, anyone in the community can own a piece of Onessus, and benefit from the growth of our products. Today, we invite you to join us on this journey!

Trade VOID via Bancor

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Why the move to Bancor? What are its benefits?

“It’s not really helpful to let anyone generate a currency if it’s not liquid.” — Eyal…

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We are very proud to announce HodlGod Live, a game like no other, which delivers a never-felt-before tremor in the gaming universe. This is a project we have been working on in the dark for a couple of months now, and we are excited to give you an inside look into the world we are building. Through this project, we are pushing the known boundaries of what is possible for blockchain gaming and for gaming itself, and raising the bar for developers entering this space.

Check Out Our Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser Here:

What is HodlGod Live?

HodlGod Live is a battle royale RPG with emphasis on both PvP & PvE mechanics. Players can either compete in a free 50-man last-player-standing contest, or go all-out in the crypto bounty game mode, earning crypto and ultra-rare tradeable cosmetic gear for playing. All gear and tokens earned are stored on the WAX Blockchain for guaranteed immutability — this gives users the ability to trade and use their winnings as pleases them. All items are earned by playing or through trade and sale on our marketplace where we charge a percentage-based fee as a part of our business model — we will never offer microtransactions or loot boxes. …

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NOTE: This blog is outdated please view the latest news on HodlGod here.

You can feel it in the air: spring is almost here. After a brutally long winter, Blockchain is finally beginning to thaw. For those networks and developers who have been focused on creating value, 2020 promises to be one wonderfully prosperous year, and for those investors who have successfully hodled thru it all, a period of immense opportunity. There are exciting developments all across the map, but very few in the industry have accomplished anything close to what has come out of the EOSIO ecosystem. …

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NOTE: This blog post is outdated, please view the latest info on HodlGod here.

HodlGod is currently in Mainnet Beta, expect to see errors and experience some hiccups. Bugs & feedback can be reported to us via …

This guide will continue to be updated as new versions are released.

Current Version: HodlGod Beta v1.01


HodlGod is a turn-based economic battle royale game powered by EOSIO & The DAPP Network. We were inspired by the idea of playing a Dungeons & Dragons style battle royale game, found that there were no games like this on the market, and began creating HodlGod as a result. Our goal for this project was to create a game that was fun and exciting as a standalone game and not just because it is on a “blockchain”, while also having a simple user experience so that even the least technical individuals can play and earn without knowing they are even using a blockchain. Unlike every crypto-game on the market today, HodlGod is not pay-to-win, nobody can pay for any advantage over other players. All players start with nothing at the beginning of a game and have to play well to survive, grow their characters, and defend the treasure they find. …

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Today we are very excited to announce the beta for our first dapp being released on the EOS mainnet. We took notice that all, by all we mean 100%, of games being released on blockchains were simply copy paste clones of games that already exist, and additionally many are also built on very unsustainable economic models. We wondered what it would be like if an original game was built on blockchain, with an economic model that was fun, simple enough for anyone to play, but still secure and liquid. Instead of just recreating something that already exists, could we craft a totally new experience using the blockchain and what would that look like? This is how we came up with HodlGod, the first ever turn-based battle royale game. …

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Since last year, the amount of progress made by Block.one and the EOS community has made dapp development a truly amazing experience to be a part of. There is a wide range of unexplored ideas and opportunities for everyone and only as the technology evolves and becomes ready for mainstream will these value propositions make themselves clear. It is our job at Onessus to provide transactional security and comfort to those that want to explore business on the blockchain, as right now for many it is very complicated and scary to get involved with as the mainstream is primarily discussing hacks and illegal activity going on with this technology. With that being said we are integrating Voice.com …

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Hello everyone! Today we are announcing our staking competition going live on March 6 until March 12. It’s a very simple competition, everyday the people who stake the most VOID tokens with our staking dapp will receive a reward of free VOID. We have a total prize pool of 75M VOID in the staking competition this week.

We are also simultaneously running a trading competition on EOSEX, which you can check out below for a chance to win a portion of the 170M VOID prize pool!

VOID EOSEX Trading Competition

Trade VOID on the EOSEX Dex

For information on staking & purchasing VOID check out our previous blog here. …

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We are excited to announce that along with the airdrop on March 14, 2019 we will additionally be releasing VOID on the Chaince exchange on March 1, 2019. Our staking dapp will be live on the same date. Here are some details regarding the upcoming airdrop.


Max Supply: 62.5 Billion

Emission Rate: No new Void will ever be created post airdrop

Token Distribution:

15% — 9,375,000,000 VOID in total will be airdropped to holders of 100+ EOS.

40% — Claimable through staking dapp here

5% — Available for early investors until March 13, 2019

40% — Onessus Core Team


Begins: March 14, 2019

Ends: March 15, 2019

Snapshot Date: October 10, 2018

Registration: Not required





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