NiftyVille x Binance NFT, An AMA, And A $VOID Sale… Things Are Getting Hot!

2 min readMar 24, 2022

The Void Boulevard Sale Is Fast Approaching!

We told you that the next NiftyVille property sale would be Tier 1 & 2 properties on Void Boulevard, and that they would be sold exclusively for $VOID.

That sale is not far off, and we have some exciting details to share about how we’re going to proceed with it in the weeks to come. But for now, consider yourself informed: the first selection of Void Blvd properties will be available ONLY IN $VOID!

Stay tuned. It is weeks away.

$VOID can be purchased with WAXP on Alcor Exchange and on DeFiBox.


After our co-launch of Binance Drive properties with Binance NFT…

And after being highlighted by BNFT as a “Recommended Creator”

We have been invited to participate in an AMA with Binance NFT in their Telegram group! The AMA will be a great opportunity to get NiftyVille into view among a whole new audience!

This is where we get to talk about NiftyVille, its features, how awesome it is going to be, and how big of a leap it is in play to earn gaming to the BNFT audience. (Their AMAs do get pretty busy.)

This is the beginning of NiftyVille’s ‘lift off’ moment!

We’d love for our Nifty community to join in. It will be on this coming Monday, March 28th, at 10am EST (that’s 2pm UTC).

And To Mark the Occasion!

Straight after the AMA is finished, we are going to be selling the eight additional properties on Binance Drive that remain from the co-launch.

The sale will go for 24 hours only and the NFTs (property title NFTs redeemable for the properties, just like before) will be listed at fixed prices:

0.99 ETH for Tier 1

1.99 ETH for Tier 2

Be quick. Check the OpenSea floor prices… this is a steal!

We hope to see you at the AMA!

And we hope to see you at the sale!

Grabbing a NiftyVille property NFT at any time = Great move.

Picking up one at these prices = priceless!









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