The Call For The Yield Universe Guardians Has Gone Out!

2 min readApr 15, 2022


There are 5,555 planets in Yield Universe and half of them must be minted by June 30th to release the Guardians!

The call has gone out.

The Universe — as Void Corp has said — is in need of Guardians to protect and save it.

As lore has it:

“Something dark and all-consuming is lurking in our universe and there

may only be one thing to save us all.”

Yield Universe Guardian

The recently opened Vessels are awaiting intergalactic explorers to help Void Corp explore deeper wisdom and scientific knowledge to uncover the secrets of Yield Universe and create the conditions for prosperity for everyone.

Only when resources are fully understood and exploited can the inhabitants of the universe reach their full potential.

There are ancient mysteries to be solved and new stories to be unfolded.

The future is in the hands of humanity, and Guardians are needed to unlock it!

Yield Universe Guardian

Planets Must Be Minted

For the Guardians to be unleashed into the universe, only half of all planets must be minted by the end of June.

Only when that milestone is reached — by no later than June 30th — can the Guardians of Yield Universe be unveiled.

Anyone holding at least one planet will be whitelisted for the Guardian NFT sale once the milestone is reached. Holders will be able to mint one free Guardian NFT for every 3 planets they have.

Help ensure the further exploration of the universe by minting Yield Universe planets before June 30th so that the Guardians can be released.

This is your moment!

Yield Universe Guardian










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