Immortal Genesis: The First HodlGod NFT Series — Exclusively On WAX

10 min readNov 18, 2020

Today, we are thrilled to announce our very first NFT series coming with the launch of HodlGod, the first blockchain battle royale game. With the help of the WAX team and the WAX community, our WAX worker proposal has been accepted and we are being provided funding to boost our development.

HodlGod: How To Play Guide

The WAX Worker Proposal allows anyone to request funding for their project on the WAX chain. We requested funding for the development of HodlGod Live, and have been granted an amount of 750’000 WAXP. HodlGod can thus receive all the attention it deserves to make it an even more amazing game.

HodlGod: Immortal Genesis Series Sale Portal

Immortal Genesis Series NFT Structure & Types

There is a total of 32 NFTs that will be hitting the blockchain with this launch. We’ve decided to structure our NFT system different from any on the market today. With our NFTs we’ve decided to do away with the common, uncommon etc.. as all of the Immortal Genesis Series NFTs will be very rare and highly sought after due to their scarcity. Additionally, buying and opening packs is far from the end game with HodlGod. Players can trade, and hold any assets opened from the packs, but they can additionally upgrade them in game. There is also loaning mechanics which we will go into detail on later in the article. The idea here is to have an entire economic game running parallel to HodlGod, the Blockchain Battle Royale. Meaning that gamers can have a great time playing the game without ever investing a dime, while at the same time NFT/De-Fi lovers can have a blast with the economics of the game without ever needing to play.

With the Immortal Genesis Series NFT system we wanted to put a great focus on cosmetic progression. We believe that is one mark that games are missing in 2020, as the majority of games just allow players to spend a few bucks and unlock all of the coolest looking gear in the game. In HodlGod, players will have to embark on a journey to acquire their cosmetics, with the benefit that the cosmetics will have real world value though they will be challenging to acquire. The following are different NFT types that will be available to collect from this series..

1. Immortal/Starter Packs (2) — The first 15% of packs sold will be pre-minted for randomized low mints.

2. Immortal Shards (20)

3. Immortal Bounty Contracts (5)

4. Immortal Gear (5)

4. Enigmas (2) — Highest rarity NFT within the packs, will be exchangeable for one of a kind in-game NFTs. Find these…

Immortal Genesis Series NFT Sale

5,000 Immortal Packs @ $49.99/each (In WAXP)

13,000 Starter Packs @ $19.99/each (In WAXP)

Each pack has inside a guaranteed amount of game credits, which are a NTT (non-tradeable token) used to play in premium reward lobbies. In the packs you will also find immortal shard NFTs, which can be upgraded by having all 4 in a set. Upgrading your shards will give you a bounty contract NFT, which is extremely rare and this bounty NFT will assign you a set of tasks to complete in game. Completing this contract will result in your NFT being upgraded to it’s final form, Immortal Gear. Immortal Gear is the most sought after of any type of NFT in this collection. This omega-ultra-rare NFT is equippable as an in game cosmetic so you can show off to your friends. Another thing to note is that you can only get Immortal Gear in one of 3 ways..

  1. Upgrade a set of 4 Immortal Shard NFTs into an Immortal Bounty Contract NFT, then complete the tasks outlined in the bounty. To upgrade to a set you need the following of the same type..
    1 Armour shard.
    1 Mainhand shard.
    1 Offhand shard.
    1 Bow shard.

View all of the sets here:

2. Purchase/Trade the Immortal Gear through the AtomicHub marketplace.

3. Lease the Immortal Gear. Yes, Immortal Gear & Immortal Bounty Contracts can be loaned to other players. More on that in the tokenomics section below.

Immortal Gear is not the end of the journey however. Once the player reaches the ultimate achievement of getting Immortal Gear, they can use it in game and level it up for a luck boost. The Immortal Gear and any other NFTs that we add in game in the future will be 100% cosmetic only and won’t offer any type of competitive boost. However, by equipping Immortal Gear you receive a luck boost in the chance that you find Immortal Shards as you are exploring the open world. Immortal Gear can be leveled up to 20, and give a max of a 20% luck boost, that is +1% luck per level. To be clear this luck boost does not affect any other in game loot that you might find, this is strictly relating to the chance of finding Immortal Shards and offers no competitive advantage. HodlGod will never have any pay to win elements.

All of our NFT pack sales will be sold in WAXP, more info on how to obtain this token in our 90 Second Quick Start Guide here!


Immortal Gear Loans

For those that have a surplus of Immortal Gear in their inventory, they can loan out any gear that they aren’t using to other players. The players that lease the gear, will then receive the benefits of having the Immortal Gear aesthetic and a luck boost for a limited amount of time. While the lender benefits by being able to profit from his gear, without selling it. As an added bonus, when Immortal Gear is loaned it will continue to level up during the time that the loanee is using it.

Immortal Bounty Contract Loans

After the player obtains an Immortal Bounty Contract, there is still one remaining step to unlocking the Immortal Gear. That is to complete a set of difficult in game challenges. If the owner of the Immortal Bounty Contract does not want to complete these challenges for any reason, they can choose to lend it to a bounty hunter or a friend for them to complete for you. This will all be handled through the smart contract, to ensure security of assets.

Play To Earn

With HodlGod, we really wanted to stretch the boundaries of blockchain gaming, and take the play to earn model to the next level. We are achieving this by implementing a plethora of ways that users can benefit and participate in the economy to accommodate many different types of players. Whether you are someone who is a more casual player, a more competitive high skilled player, or even someone who doesn’t play at all but just likes participating in the economy, there is a place for everyone to reap the benefits of playing to earn.


Players up for the challenge can register as a bounty hunter within our marketplace. Owners of bounty contracts can lend them to the bounty hunters for completion, in exchange for a reward.


Immortal Gear can be lent to other players through the marketplace as well. The lender will profit from this, and the lendee will get the benefits of the Immortal Gear for a limited time without spending the hefty price tag on purchasing their own.

Free Lobbies

Players can participate in a free game mode, performing well in this mode will result in the player getting free credits to play in premium lobbies. Immortal Shards will not be able to be found in the free mode.

Premium Lobbies

Premium lobbies can be entered by using game credits, which is an NTT (non-tradeable token) specifically for use within HodlGod. These game credits will come with the Immortal Genesis Series packs, they will also be available for purchase for $1/credit. Players can alternatively stake our HodlGod integrated cryptocurrency VOID for a monthly income of game credits.

1. Immortal Shard Hunting

Immortal Shards for a limited time can be found while playing in premium lobbies. However, they will only have a 2% spawn rate per game, not to mention the shards will be hidden across the entire open world making it quite the challenge to acquire shards. The only other way to acquire these shards is through our packs. Once the packs are sold out, new shards will only be able to be acquired in game for a limited amount of time. After that point, no new shards will be minted for the Immortal Genesis Series ever again.

2. Earning Gold

As the player is playing within premium lobbies they will be earning gold. Gold can be used to purchase better equipment, and revive allies, but also gold can be saved and cashed out into liquid cryptocurrency or USD. If you are victorious over opponents in PvP, any gold that they have will be added to your inventory, but if you die at any point all your gold from that match will be lost.

3. Outlasting Your Opponents

By surviving longer than your opponents in the battle royale mode, you will continually gain increased reward boosts, based on how long you survive. Players can win anywhere from $10-$1000 worth of cryptocurrency for depending on how long they can last.

Teams & Sponsorships

Players with a surplus of crypto may sponsor other players through the dapp smart contract. Free agents that are sponsored will split rewards earned with their sponsor 50/50. After the free agent uses all credits provided by their sponsor, the free agent will return to getting 100% of his rewards. In other words, anyone can start their own e-sports team all within this digitally enforced blockchain system. Encouraging community growth and participation.


In premium game lobbies referees will be selected during the matchmaking process. Referees will get paid for helping mediate games, but there is a number of requirements for someone to become a referee. In-game referees have never existed in any game before, so this is yet another innovation we are excited to see play out. More info below on how we are leveraging referees and smart contracts to build the ultimate anti-cheat system within HodlGod.


For this announcement we wanted to put more focus towards the NFT and economic aspects of HodlGod. Much more info coming in the future regarding game modes and gameplay to expect prior to the NFT release.

Combat System

HodlGod will have its own unique combat system, taking inspiration from games like Dark Souls or Witcher. Moreover, combat in HodlGod will be an ability-based system which will be very much skill-oriented. We are excited to show off these mechanics over the coming weeks!


Having e-sports integrated directly into HodlGod begs one question. How are we stopping hackers, bots, and collusion?

1. Like many games we will have anti-cheat software integrated to stop a large majority of hackers.

2. On top of this we will be using a variation of the smart contract based referee system that we used to win 1st place in The DAPP Network Hackathon of 2019. Games will be spectated and mediated by referees. Referees will be matchmade based on a reputation score, and will be rewarded with cryptocurrency for their service. The only requirement to be a referee is that the referee must confirm their identity, and be able to livestream the game consistently with a good mic to communicate with any other referees in the game. Referees will spectate the entire match, and players will be able to report any time mid-match if they feel that they were cheated. Matches can be escalated by players/referees in extreme circumstances to be reviewed by HodlGod customer support. This is the very first time a system like this has ever been integrated into a video game, and is made possible only through blockchain. We think it has a lot of potential and we expect more crypto-integrated games to adopt this system in the future.

Upcoming Dates

Since we are planning to make this a game with heavy emphasis on PvP, we want to release an alpha version early to hash out the viability and various systems before implementing play to earn mechanics. Players will still be able to use NFTs in game at this time, but many more capabilities will come to NFT holders when the full version is released.

Stage 1:

NFT-Sale Launch December 21st @ 2PM EST

Set your calendar as all of the packs will be for sale on this date. After they are sold, there will be no more packs ever minted for The Immortal Genesis Series. Packs will be available on and you can follow our social media to stay up to date on new content and updates up until the sale!


Onessus Telegram

Stage 2:

Closed Alpha-Preview Launch February 25th, 2021

The closed alpha preview will consist of a multiplayer PvP combat preview, where players will be able face off against each other in team based arena battles. Here players will be able to show off their cosmetics in-game, purchased from the NFT-Sale.

Stage 3:

Open Beta Release March-April 2021

Players can now begin earning crypto for playing, as well as hunting for NFTs in-game. Keep in mind this will require quite a bit of testing, so we want to be clear that this date may be subject to change.


Release Guide — Connecting The Wax Blockchain To Unreal Engine

-March 1st-

We had thorough discussions about how we could use pieces of our tech to give to the WAX developer community to use. Since we are integrating proprietary software licensed to us via partners, we are unable to opensource things like our WCW (Wax Cloud Wallet) SocketIO->Unreal Engine API connection. However, we are committed to helping WAX grow, so we will set up a guide that shows how we structured our tech stack to support blockchain in a safe and efficient manner as well as consult any WAX projects trying to do the same.

Big thanks to everyone for showing interest in our project. The support means a lot to us, and we promise to deliver you a product that is amazing. To keep up to date or ask us any questions feel free to follow our socials..


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Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.