Immortal Genesis: The First HodlGod NFT Series — Exclusively On WAX

HodlGod: Immortal Genesis Series Sale Portal

Immortal Genesis Series NFT Structure & Types

1. Immortal/Starter Packs (2) — The first 15% of packs sold will be pre-minted for randomized low mints.

2. Immortal Shards (20)

3. Immortal Bounty Contracts (5)

4. Immortal Gear (5)

4. Enigmas (2) — Highest rarity NFT within the packs, will be exchangeable for one of a kind in-game NFTs. Find these…

Immortal Genesis Series NFT Sale

  1. Upgrade a set of 4 Immortal Shard NFTs into an Immortal Bounty Contract NFT, then complete the tasks outlined in the bounty. To upgrade to a set you need the following of the same type..
    1 Armour shard.
    1 Mainhand shard.
    1 Offhand shard.
    1 Bow shard.

Immortal Gear is not the end of the journey however. Once the player reaches the ultimate achievement of getting Immortal Gear, they can use it in game and level it up for a luck boost. The Immortal Gear and any other NFTs that we add in game in the future will be 100% cosmetic only and won’t offer any type of competitive boost. However, by equipping Immortal Gear you receive a luck boost in the chance that you find Immortal Shards as you are exploring the open world. Immortal Gear can be leveled up to 20, and give a max of a 20% luck boost, that is +1% luck per level. To be clear this luck boost does not affect any other in game loot that you might find, this is strictly relating to the chance of finding Immortal Shards and offers no competitive advantage. HodlGod will never have any pay to win elements.


Immortal Gear Loans

Immortal Bounty Contract Loans

Play To Earn



Free Lobbies

Premium Lobbies

1. Immortal Shard Hunting

2. Earning Gold

3. Outlasting Your Opponents

Teams & Sponsorships



Combat System


Upcoming Dates

Stage 1:

NFT-Sale Launch December 21st @ 2PM EST

Stage 2:

Closed Alpha-Preview Launch February 25th, 2021

Stage 3:

Open Beta Release March-April 2021


Release Guide — Connecting The Wax Blockchain To Unreal Engine

-March 1st-




Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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