HodlGod Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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HodlGod FAQ

What is HodlGod?

HodlGod is a 3D PvP (Player versus Player) Battle Royale computer/video game in a fantasy setting, utilizing blockchain decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFT). Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is “play-to-earn” and strictly NOT “pay-to-win”. Every player starts every game with an equal opportunity for victory, just like most popular battle royale games today. In essence this means that people can pay $1 USD per 4–5 hour period of game time, and earn up to approximately 1000x their initial deposit, using only their in-game skills with no other advantages over other players.

Who is HodlGod for?

HodlGod is for collectors and for gamers, as well as for traders and eSports fans. Collectors enjoy unique and ultra-rare Immortal Gear NFTs, and gamers enjoy an amazing fantasy battle royale purely based on player skills, allowing them to rake in substantial earnings in the form of real-world cryptocurrency. Traders can profit from the HodlGod DeFi and NFT economy, sponsors can sponsor one or more players, and the whole human referee system offers a totally new and exciting outlook in eSports.

Why are you building on the WAX Blockchain?

We’ve deeply researched user experience on all of the top blockchain projects, and we have yet to see any blockchain which comes close to WAX in terms of ease of use. The WAX team has crafted this blockchain into an amazing product based on consumer-first principles. The WAX Cloud Wallet (WCW) is the easiest to use, most feature-rich wallet on the market, and can be used on any browser in less than 2 clicks with zero fees. It is our belief at Onessus, that wallets built like the WCW will be the standard for any competitive blockchain in the future. WAX is also built using EOSIO technology, which we see as being the most flexible and practical blockchain software when it comes to deploying potential commercial scale products. This technology allows our team at Onessus to develop product experiences not only comparable to today’s standard, but even reaching levels far beyond in functionality, while at the same time enjoying all the benefits of blockchain software.

Why are there NFTs?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are uniquely identified individual tokens on the blockchain, providing rarity and uniqueness to the collectible sets of armor called Immortal Gear, as well as the ability to easily trade from any PC or mobile device browser without any downloads or hassle. No games on the market today offer such an accessible experience when it comes to their in-game economies. Many games make it very hard, if not impossible to participate in the market of their in-game items. This is a thing of the past with NFTs, and you can expect many AAA developers to adopt this model as they become aware of this potential.

What is Immortal Gear?

Immortal Gear are omega-ultra-rare sets of armor specific to HodlGod, numbering 5 sets in total. They are cosmetic in nature, also providing an Immortal Shard (cosmetic only) loot bonus which can be upgraded up to 20%. There will only be 7000 Immortal Gear sets able to be created from Genesis Packs; it is extremely unlikely that this cap will be reached however. This means that for each of the 5 sets, only 1400 players will ever be able to wear each set in-game. With a potential player base of millions, this means extreme scarcity for this collection.

How is Immortal Gear obtained?

Immortal Gear is obtained by transforming a set of four Immortal Shards into a bounty contract, and then completing the quests provided by that specific bounty contract.

What are the four Immortal Shard types forming a set?

Armor, main-hand melee weapon, off-hand melee weapon, and bow.

How does one obtain Immortal Shards?

Immortal Shards are available in a limited number both in HodlGod Genesis Packs or on secondary NFT marketplaces, and in-game during the PvE stages of Purgatory Mode until there are none left.

How can I buy packs?

What is a bounty contract?

A bounty contract is an NFT crafted using a set of four Immortal Shards. This NFT can be transferred, loaned, traded, sold. The bounty contract, when created, is randomly assigned a set of quests which one can fulfill (or have fulfilled by someone else) inside the HodlGod game. Upon completing the bounty contract quests, one receives its associated Immortal Gear.

How do I upgrade my Immortal Shards into an Immortal Bounty Contract?

This will be done through Atomic Hub, via our sale page here. https://wax.atomichub.io/drops/hodlgod

Do we lose our Immortal Shards when we upgrade?

Yes, they will be destroyed when crafted into an Immortal Bounty Contract.

What do I do with an Immortal Bounty Contract (IBC) ?

When the Purgatory Mode is released, you will be able to complete your assigned bounty hunt quest in order to receive your Immortal Gear. This quest will have a randomly-assigned difficulty, but will likely be very challenging. A task for only the most worthy of warriors. Anyone will have the ability to loan out their IBC to other players to have them completed, and skilled players can register as bounty hunters for free to complete IBCs for a liquid cryptocurrency income!

What is VOID?

VOID tokens are the base utility tokens of Onessus, located on the EOS blockchain, and soon to be available on the WAX blockchain. VOID will be the primary in-game currency for HodlGod. VOID is nothing more than a utility token, and not to be used as a vehicle for investment or speculation. There is no guarantee for backing of VOID tokens, the value will be determined by the Onessus community and VOID holders.

What are VOID used for?

VOID are used to buy HodlGod game credits, and can also be staked to generate a regular income of game credits. VOID will also be used in other Onessus projects.

How much VOID should one stake for 1 credit per day?

Approx. $50 of VOID staked will yield one game credit per month. So to get 1 credit per day, you would need approximately $1500 worth of VOID staked.

Is VOID value pegged to the dollar?

VOID is not pegged to any value. Game credits (non-tradeable) will be pegged to approx. $1 or whatever price we decide is fair. So yes if VOID goes up that results in more credits for holders.

How do I buy VOID tokens?

Please check out our 90 Second Quick Start Guide for a quick and easy tutorial for acquiring VOID.

What does one earn in the game?

Gold, which one converts to ELEMENT upon either winning or cashing out, to then be converted to BTC, ETH, EOS, WAX, VOID.

How can gold be earned?

Gold can be found exploring the world, defeating monsters, and progressing through the Purgatory Mode stages. There will be no gold in the Arena Mode.

What is ELEMENT?

ELEMENT is HodlGod’s native cryptocurrency which one receives when exchanging Gold upon leaving the game with one’s earnings.

Will the Immortal Gear be minted in the order that people complete their bounty contracts?

Yes, first to upgrade = first to receive low mints. The world’s first bounty hunters will have to race for low mints.

Are Immortal Genesis packs pre-minted?

Yes, 15% of all packs are pre-minted. This means the early pack sales will give an equal chance to all buyers to receive the sought-after low mint NFTs.

Which shard is best? — Do they have any points or power?

All shards have equal drop rates and do not offer any kind of game advantages — HodlGod will never be pay-to-win. The various shards will find different value in the marketplace (AtomicHub for example), but not linked to any kind of in-game advantage.

How many packs do I need?

To understand what you’re looking for — HodlGod is all about becoming immortal through the blockchain and getting your Immortal Gear. Five of these sets, and each set has its own four own shards (armour, main-hand weapon, off-hand weapon, and bow), which you combine into a bounty contract which is given a set of random quests. When you (or someone else you lease the bounty contract to ) completes the quests, it transforms into Immortal Gear.

Then to answer how many packs you need to buy — there are Immortal Genesis Packs of 3 Immortal Shards + 125 game credits, and Genesis Starter Packs with 1 Immortal Shard + 50 game credits. So you can buy a few and see what you get, trade with others, and collect all 5 Immortal Gear sets.


What is the HodlGod roadmap?

  • NFT sale December 21st 2020
  • Closed alpha (Feb. 25th 2021) + The Immortal Bounty Hunter Event in February 7th 2021 @ 2PM EST(all those who sign up on hodlgod.com will have first alpha access). Arena Mode only at this stage. People will be able to use their IBCs as armor and weapons here, although only for cosmetic purposes, as everyone will be equipped with gear. Those who do not have Immortal Gear will still be able to play like anyone else, they will just look significantly less badass than the Immortal players.
  • Beta in March-April 2021. Purgatory Mode will be made available then and people will be able to start using their game credits.

What is Arena Mode?

Arena Mode is a last-man-standing arena-based PvP mode where players simply fight it out against each other. 10 players fight to the death on a single level (not open-world here). These will be approx. 5 minute matches. Arena Mode in HodlGod resembles Arena in World of Warcraft, if you are familiar with that.

What is Purgatory Mode?

Purgatory Mode is an open-world mode with 4 stages, played in two-player teams. Purgatory Mode is play-to-earn, costing $1 USD per game and allowing teams to earn up to approximately 1000x their initial $1 entry fee. Also, during the game, players can cash out their earnings by going to a safe zone and choosing to end that game of Purgatory Mode there. Each game can last up to 4 or 5 hours, during which a player can pause the game and come back when he or she wishes to, be it hours, days, or weeks later. Only the elite players will be able to survive and conquer stage 4, so most games will be significantly shorter for the average player.

Why is it called Purgatory Mode?

Purgatory Mode is called this way because it has a purgatory where players go when they die. If both members of a team die during the game, they are sent to purgatory where they are matched up against another team which died. The winning team carries on playing, although with no loot or gold, whereas the losing team exits the game and loses their earnings with no chance at redemption. The losing team must then spend another game credit (approx. $1) each to start a new game.

When I die, do I keep my gear?

No, players keep only NFTs they have earned in-game. Each new Purgatory Mode game starts again from zero. If your team wins purgatory you will be restored back to your current stage, but with absolutely no gear.

How many stages are there in Purgatory Mode?

There are four stages in Purgatory Mode. Each stage features progressively more difficult encounters with PvE enemies, as well as PvP opponents.

How is each Purgatory Mode stage played?

A two-man team enters a PvE open-world stage alone and battles against various monsters and non-player characters (NPC) to fulfill the quests given to them through their bounty contracts, earn gold, Immortal Shards (while still available), and worthwhile gear which best prepares them for the PvP (player versus player) Trial at the end of each stage. In the PvP Trial, five teams of two players are matched against each other in an arena, refereed by a team of 3 human referees. The team which wins the PvP Trial gains access to the next stage and earns all of the losing players’ gold.

How does the referee system work?

Referees watch each match, making sure that no one cheats, and provides healthy decision-making during disputes between players. Referees also earn cryptocurrency from refereeing. Referees are rated in a skill-based fashion, meaning priority is given by the matchmaking system to referees with the best reputation.

How does play-to-earn work?

You can play Purgatory Mode with a game credit costing $1 USD, and earn up to approximately 1000x what you put into the game to start with.

What devices will HodlGod be available on?

HodlGod will be PC only initially. The good news is however, Unreal Engine supports Xbox, PlayStation, MacOS, iPhone, and Android ports straight out of the box. We want to start first by expanding with console ports, but other device ports are definitely in the realm of possibility down the road.

How does Onessus pay for servers and infrastructure?

HodlGod is based on a completely new gameplay business model, and fully utilizes decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT benefits to generate revenue, pay for infrastructure and pay salaries, while at the same time offering a very fun and interesting play-to-earn game purely based on skill.

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