HodlGod Beta Now On WAX Mainnet

4 min readFeb 1, 2020


NOTE: This blog is outdated please view the latest news on HodlGod here.

You can feel it in the air: spring is almost here. After a brutally long winter, Blockchain is finally beginning to thaw. For those networks and developers who have been focused on creating value, 2020 promises to be one wonderfully prosperous year, and for those investors who have successfully hodled thru it all, a period of immense opportunity. There are exciting developments all across the map, but very few in the industry have accomplished anything close to what has come out of the EOSIO ecosystem. With the busiest public blockchain in the world (nobody else even comes close), EOS has been a proving ground for technologies that will influence the entire crypto landscape, and the raw power of the network is only just beginning to be understood.

Since late November, when Onessus won first prize in LiquidApps’ DAPP Network Hackathon, we have been hard at work putting the finishing touches on our first dApp, HodlGod, and we’d like to announce something very exciting. HodlGod is live today, and we are launching on the WAX Network.

So What Is HodlGod?

Well, it’s a dApp which offers you the chance to compete with other players to win crypto, in a turn-based Battle Royale D&D type game. At the beginning, we’ll have small arenas with 5–20 players, but as the userbase grows, we plan to expand that to accommodate games with up to 1000 players. We have more details on the game itself available here. Consider that with WAX Cloud Wallet, we can onboard folks who have never used crypto before, and who don’t even need to know that they’re using it in our games. We are doing a giveaway launch event for 10,000 WAX to the first wave of users to be the last man standing in the arena, and win a game. Simply visit HodlGod.com and begin playing to earn instantly.

How To Win 10,000 WAX

This process is very easy. After you win WAX tokens from playing HodlGod, you need to claim your tokens, which you do by simply clicking the “power” menu and click the “claim” tab. After you are in the claim tab all you have to do is click the “claim” button and that is it! You will have all of the WAX you earned up to that point credited to your account. Be quick about it: there is a cap of 10,000 WAX to claim, so if you wait too long you may miss your opportunity if another player claims before you!

If you are new to HodlGod we recommend checking out The HodlGod Battle Guide here before you jump into the action.

Play HodlGod Now

The Move To Wax

While EOS mainnet’s developer community has been incubating the groundbreaking technology that is EOSIO, it is still very difficult for the average user to use the network, and it is similar for application developers. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to walk the average Facebook or GMail user thru the dizzying process of account creation, fiat conversion, key management and resource staking. The tools to clear these problems up are almost mature, especially when one considers the suite of services from LiquidApps, but they are not yet available on EOS.

Since WAX’s inception, it has been built to be user-friendly, for both users and for application developers, and the past few months have shown the world what is possible when simplicity is the goal. With base level microservices that solve many of the present shortcomings of the EOS mainnet, WAX is ahead of the game, and we are about to see an explosion of growth on the network. WAX Cloud Wallet allows users to create an account in a few easy clicks, using their personal social media accounts as verification, and it allows them to hold and use crypto and NFTs without using a cumbersome external wallet application. WAX accounts are free to create, and with 600 free transactions a day, most users are able to use the dApps of their choice without having to purchase additional resources. For Distributed Applications (dApps), WAX provides some very unique opportunities, and Onessus are looking forward to realizing these in our future releases. WAX has by far the most vibrant community of gamers and NFT collectors in the blockchain world, and these users are going to love using the dApps that we will be offering them. At this point in the development of the EOSIO community, it makes sense for us to choose WAX, because from the top down, from the chain creators to the block producers to the users themselves, every vested party has the good of the chain at heart, as opposed to some BPs and waste-coins on EOS Mainnet.

If you’ve been following Onessus or LiquidApps, you’re familiar with our winning Hackathon entry, the Global Economic E-Sports Community (GEEC). It’s a matchmaking service which will allow competitive gamers to play each other and be paid in crypto for their wins. Keep an eye on us, because we working hard on it now, and hope to be launching it to WAX soon.

Additionally, the recent announcement of the partnership between LiquidApps and WAX has us very excited, anticipating some really great things in the future. LiquidApps’ services are at the core of Onessus’ products, and we are firm believers that the DAPP Network will form an indispensable grid which will unite all EOSIO chains with each other, and then with the rest of the crypto world.

As the snow continues to melt, we plan to offer more and more to the WAX community. We are invested in it, and see our future success tied to it. We invite you to check us out, and we hope to see you soon in our HodlGod dungeon.




Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.