HodlGod: January Community Update

Today marks another important milestone for HodlGod and our community. We are bringing you an important update that we have been waiting to deliver once we have received confirmation. Firstly, in order to provide a more full experience for the alpha test and to have a solid foundation for future tests, we have decided to delay the alpha launch to February 25th, and The Genesis Collector’s Box launch + Upgrade event to February 7th @ 2PM EST. For more info on this event click here!

This may not be what many of you want to hear, but we are still delivering a playable, blockchain-integrated, game in record time compared to many that have raised millions upon millions and have communities still waiting for products. This was for good reason, all we can say as of now is that we have made this delay in order to secure our spot as the first blockchain game to potentially launch on one of the biggest PC game launchers and marketplaces that exist today. The only hint is that it is NOT Steam. We appreciate your patience and think you will be glad to hear that our current alpha version has the following integrated..

1. Full NFT integration via The WAX Cloud Wallet. Yes we have already solidified the connection between Unreal Engine 4 and the WAX Blockchain. This will be big not only for HodlGod, but for any other projects that decide to follow our lead and build using UE4, which is the best game engine on the market today for indies and AAA studios alike.

2. Arena Mode integration. 10-man duos, last team standing wins, on a new never-before-seen alpha exclusive map that is not in any of our trailers. This currently features a spectator mode for players eliminated, as well as a moving randomized storm to keep matches dynamic and competitive.

3. Thorough combat system integrated, currently there are 9 different abilities that players can combine and use to gain an advantage on their opponents within the battlefield. This includes melee abilities that will be used via “Tab” targeting, similar to dark souls. As well as bow abilities that can be used just as many traditional shooter games.

4. Matchmaking system integrated, get matched in an arena match instantly at the click of a single button. Party up with a friend, and take on the world together!

5. Full controller support integration. Yes, from day one all of you controller players will be able to get in on the action.

We ask for your patience and understanding as our team is working around the clock to deliver a truly great, and game changing product, built with love. Remember, this is the first time this has been done within Unreal Engine, and in this way. So while we are aiming to hit our dates and deliver as fast as possible, until we have a stable beta version where all of the fundamental puzzles have been solved, dates are subject to change. This is with any new innovation. Elon Musk’s SpaceX planned for their first rocket launch in 2003, however their first successful launch wasn’t until 2010. While building HodlGod is significantly less complex and time consuming than rocket science, you can see the connection, great innovations inevitably take time plus trial and error.

Our team at HodlGod thanks you for all of your support so far, it is everyone in our community together that will truly make this an amazing launch. We hope to see you during our upgrade event and collector’s box drop on February 7th @ 2PM EST, and hopefully on the battlefield as well on February 25th. The road to immortality is coming sooner than you think.






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