2v2 Coming To HodlGod In the Veiled Forests Of Enigma!

3 min readApr 1, 2022
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2v2 About To Launch in HodlGod!

HodlGod, the world’s greatest battle royale style play to earn game, is getting a number of updates. The first of these will be ready to go in around a week, with others following in six or so weeks.

While there are a lot of fixes and other small adjustments, the biggest change to this upgrade will be bringing 2v2 into the battle arena!

We did tell you in February that major changes were on their way to HodlGod, and this update marks the first of these changes.

the veiled forests of enigma

2v2 In The Veiled Forests Of Enigma

The HodlGod devs have been hard at work on getting HodlGod from pre-alpha to alpha. We think the game is fast closing in on its very next stage in development. There are a host of other changes forthcoming, but this update will introduce 2v2 mode for the first time!

2v2 will allow players to play with their friends and battle allied enemies. So it is time for the rivalries to begin. Bring your friends into the arena and skill them up to take on other teams of two.

The 2v2 mode update will include a new map… The Veiled Forests of Enigma. The Land of the Immortals is continuing to expand.

the veiled forests of enigma

All The Updates And Fixes

The HodlGod dev team has also been busy working on the following fixes and features. Straight from the devs, here they are:


- Jump glitch

- 1v1 end of game automatic win

- Ice VFX appearance

- Hover timer

- Jump breaking sprint

- Game name showing a different name

- Game freezes after practice mode/switching to new skin

- Tips at bottom of the screen from multiplayer showing elsewhere

- Cursor missing on end game screen

- Rewards not being granted due to internal server error

- Arrow projectile spawned far away from the bow

New Features

- Spectator mode added end of game

- Added screen icon while player is holding an NFT

- Assist leaderboard added

- Unlockable abilities

- Leveling system

the veiled forests of enigma

And… Crosshair NFT Implementation!

On the implementation of Crosshair NFTs, keep your eye on this one! Pretty soon, we will be releasing these crosshairs through an NFT sale. Players will be able to change both the shape and design of their in-game crosshair, and they will also grant special rewards when equipped.

Crosshairs will come with different rarities that will grant different rewards.

Stay tuned for the Crosshair NFTs… they are not far off.

And make sure you get your favorite gamer friends skilled up on HodlGod battle in preparation for 2v2!

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