HodlGod News: Major Upgrades Coming Soon

4 min readFeb 8, 2022
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HodlGod’s forthcoming recalibration of its play-to-earn economy will be coupled with some amazing changes sure to bring in new players, elevate the gaming experience, and enhance our flagship game as we enter a new era in the Land of The Immortals.


It’s a calling.

It’s a destiny.

It’s both an honor and a duty.

Just Launched! New Ways To Forge

As part of our recalibration of HodlGod’s reward mechanics, we have made changes to the badge forging pathway so that players can get all the way up to Exalted Hunter Trophies without having to spend VOID! (Of course, you can still purchase burn credits for VOID here.)

To ultimately forge all the way up to a Centurion Bounty Contract remains a worthy privilege for those warriors who can get there and we have introduced some changes to the forging path.

Our new system enables players to reach just one step below the forthcoming Centurion Bounty Contract.

Two factors are at play: updates to the lower tier badge forging recipe and the addition of a new, forge-only upgrade path to obtain burn credits.

To forge to a Warrior Badge you can use any 4 of these previously released older HodlGod badges or any 3 of the last wave of HodlGod badges.

But Here’s The Big News!

We’ve also changed the way players can get burn credits, to allow HodlGod tragics to hold onto their VOID.

NOW… gamers can get 50 burn credits by forging together 50 Warrior badges, allowing them to bypass the need for VOID to forge their way up.

Or, players can get 100 burn credits by forging 20 Mercenary badges.

So for all those faithful diamond hand VOID hodlers, there is no need to part with your token stash to forge your way up the badge chart to an Exalted Hunter Trophy.

Simply forge your badges into burn credits, combine them with the different badges on the forge journey, and grind your way on up!

AND HEADS UP FOR SPONSORS AND THOSE PLAYERS WITH LOTS OF BADGES: These changes mean that you can now sponsor other HodlGod players without spending any VOID! Forge all the way up to an Exalted Hunter Trophy, stake it on WhenStaking, lend out your lease and share in your scholars’ winnings!

Major Changes Only Months Away

HodlGod is set for some major changes in the next two months. On the list of forthcoming updates:

Improved menu navigability and smoothness when playing with your controller

Damage indicators will be added so you can see where damage is coming from and for how much you were hit

We have been working hard on developing differentiated game modes, and plan to launch a Friends and Parties system to allow for team game modes.

We’ll also be bringing to HodlGod a new map with a whole new game mode: 2vs2 as opposed to Battle Royale. (Without wanting to let the cat out of the bag, the new map might involve a collaboration with another Onessus project involving planets!!)

And with new servers being deployed in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, we’re preparing to launch SBMM (skill-based matchmaking) to ensure fairness on the battlefield as we welcome an army of new combatants.

All of these changes coming to HodlGod will make for a stronger community and an even better gaming experience… all based on sound tokenomics and a play-to-earn economy built for the long-term.

Changes to Shield NFTs

We’re also planning to enhance the utility of HodlGod Series 2 shields. By owning shields, players get the chance to keep the NFTs they earn in game even if they don’t survive to the end. This marks a departure from the need to survive to the end to keep the NFTs you pick up in-game. To hold onto your bonus reward (badges and gear, etc) you will still need to win. But any NFTs you claim will be yours to keep, win or lose.

Now… HodlGod remains a competitive game, so holding onto your earned NFTs despite not winning is chance-restrained. From a 1% chance of keeping a Basic Shield to a 22% chance of holding onto your VOID Portal Badge, there will be some luck involved.

That means showing your opponents no mercy and winning remains your best chance at holding onto your rewards… just as the Forge of Allegiance would have wanted it!

These changes will be accompanied by a restructuring of the token and NFT economy. That process will be revealed over time, but you can expect it to accompany all the other enhancements outlined above.

With so much going on, we’d love to hear from you with any feedback or questions. Check out our recent announcement on Discord and tune in to our Discord AMA scheduled for Feb 16th at 12:00 PM EST to learn more about the exciting new future for HodlGod as it approaches Alpha.









Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.