Void Supernaturals: A Bold and Evocative Collection From Onessus and The Guild

3 min readSep 28, 2021

A Whole New Partnership With Art Worth Celebrating

We love bringing on new collaboration partners. With each new collab, here at Onessus we get to work with a whole new team and explore new possibilities in the NFT landscape.

And it’s great to be able to partner up with such an esteemed organization as The Guild.

The Guild is a dedicated community of art and NFT lovers that brings together artists from the NFT landscape on NFT collaborations. The organization has, for example, created CyberWatch on Async Art, a celebration of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. The piece is truly inspiring, composed of 34 layers and the work of 33 artists. Its last sales price was 88 ETH.

The Guild is an all-artist organization with artists from all over the world and all different styles: from 2D, 3D, comics, traditional art, music, etc… the list goes on. The Guild has already demonstrated the respect it has gained in the community, boasting followers and collectors such as Metakovan and Twobadour.

Onessus’ collab with The Guild marks their first foray into the WAX space. Void Supernaturals is the project, and we can’t wait to launch it. We think it’s pretty special.

Void Supernaturals: Series One

Void Supernaturals: Series One is the first in a three-series collaboration between Onessus and The Guild. The Series One collectible cards feature 32 characters, 6 rarity types, and a massive 12,064 card variations.

Void Supernaturals is very much, as The Guild put it best:

“a celebration of mythical characters that have defined the human experience over the course of history, as imagined by The Guild’s NFT artists.”

Each card blends the styles of the different artists involved, resulting in some truly spectacular and intricate artwork.

13 incredible artists worked on this first series, and The Guild’s rotating roster of talented creators means new artists — some established, others emerging — will be working on Series Two and Three.

The different classes in the collection are Mythological, Gods/Goddess, Warrior, and Animal, with multiple and differing styles, background colourways, and frame colourways for each Rarity.

The incredible collection has been months in the making and we’re super excited about it. In the packs there will be 3 Charged Particles Easter Eggs: whoever finds the three 1/1 NFTs will be able to claim those nested NFTs on Charged Particles.

It is a bold and ambitious project.

It represents the best artwork that the NFT community has to offer.

And we think it’s pretty special.

Sale details are as follows:

Where: Nefty Blocks

When: October 5th at 12pm EST/4pm UTC, sale lasts 24hrs

Pack prices:

Initiate: $19.99 contains 5 cards

Believer: $39.99 contains 12 cards and 1 Unique

Supreme: $69.99 contains 24 cards and 1 Unique

The preminted sale will only last for 24hrs on Nefty Blocks, so make sure you have your WAX wallets loaded to grab some packs.

We hope to see you at the sale. We can’t wait for this!

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