Void Elementals Drop Imminent!

2 min readJun 5, 2021

Hot on the heels of the raging success of our partners’, Boysterous Couture NFT pack drop, with almost 1,500 packs sold, we can’t wait for the forthcoming Void Elementals AtomicHub drop on June 8th!

With only three days to go, we wanted to remind our community to get their WAX tokens ready for this drop of limited edition Void Elementals packs. Void Elementals are NFTs based on the periodic table of elements. They are premium hand-drawn characters with ten different backgrounds representing the ten different chemical groups on the periodic table.

Void Elementals truly are where science and creativity collide.

Courtesy Void Elementals

As a proud partner, Onessus wanted to share the details with our community. The drop will take place in a two-hour flash sale at 2pm EST on June 8th. The packs will be limited, as outlined below:

Quantum packs for $59.99: Total of 300 packs

Ion packs for $39.99: Total of 800 packs

Standard packs for $19.99: Total of 2,500 packs

100 unique pieces will be minted in this drop, covering every naturally occurring element in the periodic table, with standard packs containing 5 cards, ion packs containing 11, and quantum packs containing 17. The NFTs, of course, will be minted at varying rarity levels.

To be fair to everyone, limit buys will be in place. For the Quantum Pack, there is a 3 pack buy limit with a 15-second cool down period. For the Ion and the Standard packs, the max. is 10 packs each, with a 15-second cool down period.

We can’t wait for this drop, and we hope you’re excited too. Go get your WAX Cloud Wallets cashed up with WAXP tokens so you can snap up the first NFT drop from our friends over at Void Elementals on AtomicHub.

We will continue to announce exciting drops over the next few weeks, so don’t forget to keep up-to-date on everything happening at one of the most exciting Dapp development studios around!









Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.