Two More Partners, Two More Drops

Courtesy Boysterous Couture

Onessus Welcomes Two More Partners to The WAX Blockchain

Onessus continues to work hard behind the scenes on HodlGod and our other in-the-pipeline projects and we’re also excited to announce that two of our partners are joining the WAX blockchain!

NFT Collectors… Time to Get Boysterous!

Boysterous Couture is a luxury fashion and accessories brand formed by the Brothers Overstreet: Nicholas, Cameron, and Brendon to be exact. Their gorgeous bespoke, handmade clutches, handbags, and belts (among other products) are made from ethically + sustainably sourced leathers from the world’s finest tanneries.

So what does fashion have to do with blockchain? NFTs! That’s right. You’ve probably heard about it here or here or even here before, but we at Onessus wanted to wade in and bring you the news ourselves.

On June 3rd, they’ll be dropping their first NFT pack — Alligator X. The pack will include 10 randomly minted #NFTs, ranging in scarcity and grade. Of the ten, three will include some of Boysterous tokens and seven will include some Boysterous moments.

Each of the three handmade token NFTs will have two versions (Dark & Light) and each version will have five minted variations (Diamond, Gold, Platinum, Bronze, & Pearl). Each of the seven Boysterous moments will have five minted variations-the same variants of Diamond to Pearl. And although there are TEN unique base cards that are to be minted, only FOUR will be randomly selected to be included in any Alligator X pack.

The sale will be preminted and unlimited so as many people who want them can buy them in the two-hour sale window starting at 2pm EST. BUT THEY CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED in the two-hour sale window of 2pm-4pm EST on June 3rd. After that, the NFTs in the packs can’t be found anywhere else. The packs will be opened at 8pm.

So if you’re into opulent fashion and the #NFT revolution, get your WAX Cloud Wallets cashed up with WAXP tokens so you can snap up the first NFT drop from The Brothers Overstreet on AtomicHub.

The sale will only last for two hours, with pack openings slated for a few hours after sales have concluded.

Another Onessus Partnership: Let’s Put Some Science into Art

NFT art is cool, super cool, but what if it just got a whole lot cooler… with a scientific infusion? Just like leather goods, science is far from the first thing you’d think about when you think of NFTs, but Onessus is all about innovation and exploring entirely new things.

That’s why we’re so excited to share the news that another partner of ours, Void Elementals, are about to drop their genesis collection! Void Elementals like to say they are where “science and creativity collide” and we tend to agree.

An NFT collection based on the periodic table of elements, Void Elementals are premium hand-drawn characters that are set to launch on the WAX network, courtesy of their partnership with Onessus.

Courtesy Void Elementals

To match the ten different groups represented on the periodic table, Void Elementals NFTs have ten different corresponding backgrounds… and levels of rarity.

Their collectible cards all feature a different Elemental character, and we think they could just be the next big thing in NFTs (which is why we’re so excited to partner with them).

The genesis collection of 100 pieces will contain every naturally occurring element in the periodic table. Void Elementals will be stakable on Onessus’ forthcoming NFT Finance platform.

They’ll be available on AtomicHub, and are set to drop on the 8th of June!

Don’t forget to keep up-to-date on everything happening at one of the most exciting Dapp development studios around!








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