The VOID White Paper is Upon Us!

4 min readJul 7, 2021


Onessus is proud to announce the release of our VOID white paper!

The white paper, which can be found here, outlines the utility we are creating for VOID tokens, some of the projects we are currently working on, VOID tokenomics, and how we see the Onessus umbrella expanding as we move forward.

Broadly speaking, our white paper outlines our vision for an ecosystem that embraces all the best things about blockchain technology, NFTs, gaming, and e-commerce. We’ve always been a company of innovation and the white paper speaks to that ideal — by bringing together the best ideas into one universe.

At the epicenter of that universe are our VOID tokens. They will play a central role in everything we do moving forward: from rewarding HodlGod players, giving utility on our other forthcoming platforms, and creating a community that is embracing the future of our digital world.

The next generation of decentralization is upon us.

While white papers are hardly notorious for making for fascinating reading, we’d like to point out a few of the highlights:

  • HodlGod warriors will know the role VOID tokens play in HodlGod. By holding VOID tokens, players can unlock additional NFTs and VOID drops in-game. The more VOID tokens players hold, the more drops they will be able to access.
  • Collectors will also know that VOID token holders above a certain threshold have early access to our NFT drops, including some of our collab collectible drops. As an example, for the latest Boysterous drop, those holding more than 10M VOID tokens were given ten-minute early access.
  • As the Onessus ecosystem grows, VOID tokens will enjoy utility across all of our products and are very much at the heart of Onessus’ growing product suite. These include:
  • NiftyVille: NiftyVille is the world’s first open world P2E game. Integrated with the Ethereum blockchain, with an ETH-WAX bridge, NiftyVille represents Onessus’ first exploration of the Ethereum network and a continuation of the company’s commitment to play-to-earn gaming models and in-game NFTs. NiftyVille is a massive multiplayer online social game/third-person shooter game built by NFTs.
  • For players with connected wallets, everything in the NiftyVille world will be a non-fungible token: from unlockable characters, to vehicles, and weapons. As our goal is to link the virtual world to the real world, some of the NFTs in NiftyVille will be redeemable for their real-world equivalents. These include even cars and real estate. Players are able to choose between playing NiftyVille as an online social game or as a third-person shooter game in Hitman Mode.
  • NiftyVille is an online entertainment platform that creates an environment for the meaningful tokenization of everything in-game, and as a bridge to the real world.
  • VOID Market: Sellers and escrow agents who stake VOID as credit will appear higher in the marketplace search engine. The more VOID tokens they hold, the higher they will rank. VOID acts as a measurement of credit and reputation.
  • WhenStaking: WhenStaking is Onessus’ NFT staking protocol that brings together the features and possibilities of NFTs and DeFi. A segment of VOID Market, WhenStaking is Onessus’ central NFT staking platform. NFTs earned in other Onessus products, such as in-game drops in HodlGod, can be staked on WhenStaking, enabling players to stake their tokens to earn a yield, to borrow, lend, burn, upgrade, and trade. WhenStaking will grow over time to become a curated platform where NFTs demonstrating high artistic and/or innovative merit are added to the protocol. Collectors are able to stake their NFTs to the platform, back them with VOID tokens, and earn a passive yield — paid out upfront in VOID.
  • WhenStaking boasts two innovative functionalities that set it apart from other NFT staking platforms. Firstly, the in-built lending mechanism allows collectors to stake an NFT to the platform, and through the creation of a LEASE version of that NFT, continue to utilize its other utilities, such as use as in-game assets. The lending system also allows collectors to sell the Lease versions to gamers who can continue to use the non-expired NFTs, as the properties of the original NFT carry over to the Lease version.
  • WhenStaking also has an in-built level system. Over time, NFTs staked to the platform earn EXP linked to the VOID payouts they earn (which are directly related to the APR and the VOID capacity of the NFT). NFTs that gain EXP grow in potential value from level 1 to level 50. The level-up system helps reward collectors who choose to stake their NFTs on the platform.
  • Stream To Earn: Onessus game streamers who hold more VOID have an increased earnings capacity. Additionally, the same escrow agent system as in place in VOID Market is in place in Stream To Earn, and staking VOID tokens similarly acts as a credit and reputation weighting.
  • GEEC (Global Economic Esports Community): VOID tokens power competitive gamers’ earnings potential on GEEC. Players are paid in VOID for competing, and the more VOID players hold, the higher their earnings potential.

There’s more to come, but that’s just for now.

We recommend you head over to the white paper and read it for yourself to gain a fuller picture of Onessus, VOID, and our suite of current and forthcoming products.

We need to say this and you should read it:

DYOR. We make no assertions as to the value, present or future, of VOID tokens. VOID tokens are not securities and are subject to risk of financial loss. We offer no advice as to whether you should buy VOID tokens or not.

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