The WhenStaking Power Generators Event: Cash Prizes, 120% APR Boosts, And More Staking Options!

Let’s power up with a 10-minute flash sale!

To celebrate the recent launch of our awesome NFT staking platform — which already has around 7% of the max supply of VOID tokens locked up and around 5,000 NFTs staked — we are holding a WhenStaking Power Generators event!

Key Takeaways

  • Buy some of our awesome new NFTs — Power Generators — the top buyers win cash prizes!
  • Stake an NFT in your wallet to WhenStaking for a chance to win a new NFT!
  • All collab partner NFTs will now be stakable!

We value our community, so this Power Generators event has three goals: to encourage our community to try out our staking platform to earn some passive VOID, to thank our loyal community with chances to win prizes, and to usher in broader horizons for WhenStaking by adding staking capabilities for our partner creators.

What’s on Offer?

We will be rewarding the top 8 Power Generators buyers with cash prizes of a total of $10k:

The top buyer gets the 1st prize of $5k;

The next three get $1k;

The next four get $500 each.

Not only that… the Power Generator NFTs will get a 120% APR boost if you stake them in the first week after the launch! So everyone wins!

That’s right! At the WhenStaking Power Generators event, the drinks are on us!

Read on…

There is no whitelisting, so anyone can participate. Here are the details of the Power Generators NFTs:

Where: Atomic Hub

When: Oct 7th, 12pm EST for 10 mins only!

Total supply: Unlimited, with 3 rarities

Each pack contains 1 Power Generator:

Silver: 70% chance (staking capacity $25)

Gold: 20% chance (staking capacity $150)

Diamond: 10% chance (staking capacity $350)

All packs: $19.99

Pack openings start 1 hour after the sale.

And because this is a celebration of the continued work we are doing to make WhenStaking not just the fastest growing but also the best NFT staking protocol out there… we’re onboarding all of our collab partners!

As part of the festivities, we are expanding WhenStaking’s capabilities to make all Onessus collab NFTs stakable. We don’t have a precise time on this, but it will be soon after the Power Generators flash sale.

Let’s recap who those collab partners are, shall we?

Boysterous Couture

Things may get a little boisterous at the Power Generators event but it wouldn’t be the same without our friends over at Boysterous Couture, the luxury accessories brand out of Charleston, South Carolina. Boysterous Couture have dipped their toes into the NFT scene of late, causing quite a lot of excitement.

Void Elementals

The creators who blend science and art and the periodic table of elements to the creative industries will also have a seat at the Power Generators table. We can’t wait to have their sublime artwork on our WhenStaking platform.


The DappRadar-HodlGod collab project, DR-1 and all its parts, was the first foray into NFT minting from the world’s favorite Dapp, DeFi, and NFT analytics platform. We were proud to partner with them on DR-1, and are equally proud to have them on the WhenStaking platform.

Void Supernaturals

The splendid collection of mythological characters that have defined the human experience over history, crafted by 13 amazing artists from The Guild, was a collaboration of epic proportions to be launched on Nefty Blocks on October 5th. We’re proud to onboard them onto the WhenStaking protocol.

After the Power Generators event is over, these partners’ NFTs will soon join HodlGod NFTs as WhenStaking stakable.

What’s a Party Unless Everyone’s Invited?

If, for whatever reason, these NFTs aren’t your style, you can still have a seat at the table. Everyone holding a stakable NFT in their wallet can join the party by staking. That puts you in the running to win NFTs. There are also prizes for the most VOID backed to staked NFTs and the most staked NFTs.

Cash prizes… extreme APR boosted NFTs… prizes for staking and backing with VOID… and our collab partners onboarded! All taking place on the fastest growing NFT staking platform in the world! Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?

Pencil the date into your calendar: Oct 7th, 12pm EST for 10 mins only

See you there!

As always, feel free to reach out to us via your preferred method:








Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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