The NiftyVille Exotic Car Sale Is Only Days Away! This Is Going to Be HUGE!

We told you the drop was fast approaching.

We told you we had the audacity to tokenize a Lambo and put it up for auction.

We told you this would be huge!

Well, now we’re on the eve of awesomeness as this coming weekend marks the start of the sale.

The basics:

  • 999 NiftyVille exotic car NFTs will be sold on OpenSea
  • $400 each, in ETH, 6 different colors available
  • Friday Jan 28th: The private sales will go live (12pm EST for 24hrs)
  • Saturday Jan 29th: The public sale will commence (12pm EST until sold out)
  • The holder of the most NFTs seven days after the last car is sold will win the auction for the real Lambo

Terms and Conditions will apply for the car sale and the Lambo auction.

The 999 NiftyVille exotic cars will be the hottest vehicles in the town of NiftyVille.

They will be scarce.

They will be stakable on WhenStaking.

And each will count toward a bid in the Lambo auction.

Auction Details

All the 999 exotic car NFTs to be sold on OpenSea will be fully usable in-game in NiftyVille. But they also double as bids in an auction of a real Lambo. Seven days after all 999 cars have been sold (including the 100 available for free for Whitelist pass holders), the top holder will receive an NFT redeemable for a real Lambo: a 2017 Lamborghini Huracan Spyder.

For anyone not so keen on sports cars, we’ll replace it with a $200k cash (or crypto) prize.

How To Participate

(For anyone who is completely new to NFTs, crypto, OpenSea, etc., see our beginner’s guide to starting down the NFT journey.)

Load up your Ethereum wallet with ETH and head over to OpenSea on Jan 28th 12pm EST if you are a Whitelist pass holder and Jan 29th 12pm EST if you are not.

Whitelist pass holders have been sent instructions as to how to participate in the private sale and informed of the bundled sale arrangement. (If you don’t know anything about these Whitelists, Jan 29th is your day (the public sale)).

The exotic cars will be sold for $400 each in ETH. Remember to have enough ETH to cover gas fees.

Don’t be late! Whether you qualify for the private sale or the public sale, the drop goes live at midday on Jan 28th and 29th, respectively!

As always, reach out with any questions!









Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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