The HodlGod Battle Guide

NOTE: This blog post is outdated, please view the latest info on HodlGod here.

HodlGod is currently in Mainnet Beta, expect to see errors and experience some hiccups. Bugs & feedback can be reported to us via …

This guide will continue to be updated as new versions are released.

Current Version: HodlGod Beta v1.01


HodlGod is a turn-based economic battle royale game powered by EOSIO & The DAPP Network. We were inspired by the idea of playing a Dungeons & Dragons style battle royale game, found that there were no games like this on the market, and began creating HodlGod as a result. Our goal for this project was to create a game that was fun and exciting as a standalone game and not just because it is on a “blockchain”, while also having a simple user experience so that even the least technical individuals can play and earn without knowing they are even using a blockchain. Unlike every crypto-game on the market today, HodlGod is not pay-to-win, nobody can pay for any advantage over other players. All players start with nothing at the beginning of a game and have to play well to survive, grow their characters, and defend the treasure they find. Most of the game is to be discovered by the community, but this guide will serve as a great starting point.

Play Here:

v1.01 Updates

  • Released Live On WAX Mainnet.
  • WAX Cloud Wallet Integration Live. Users can now login and play instantly with GMail, Facebook and more.
  • Instant Matchmaking & Lobby Browser.
  • Player Count Set To 5. (We will continue to gradually increase match player-cap up to 20-Player matches during the beta, and future releases will support up to 1000 players.)
  • 10,000 WAX available to be claimed until Feb. 7. Earn WAX rewards simply by winning a HodlGod match. There are no limit to rewards a single person can earn, but this is first come first serve. Once the rewards have been claimed users can no longer earn for free. More info on the 10,000 WAX giveaway below.

Current Features

  • PvE & PvP Combat System.
  • Last Man Standing Wins.
  • Wallet & Staking Mechanism.
  • Team Creation & Free Agents.
  • Looting & Character Progression.

Features Coming Soon

  • Bounty Hunting — Players will be able to hunt rare monsters, items or powerful infamous players for cash prizes!
  • PayPal Starter Kits, and PayPal Liquidity for easy cashing in and out. Meaning players will be able to participate in the token economy without ever dealing with key management, or resource management. Letting users evolve to that point at their own pace.
  • Voice ID League. A free to earn league for anyone with a Voice account.
  • 1000 Player Matches.
  • 100’s of new items and monsters.
  • Multiple Competitive Leagues.
  • CPU Handling Within HodlGod.

Joining A Game

— Supported Browsers (Chrome/Firefox/Mobile Chrome) —

  1. Load up the game at , click login and select the account you’d like to login with. The game is optimized for the best experience on mobile, as of now Mobile Chrome is necessary to play on iOS or Android.

2. Click login and wait a moment to be prompted by WAX to login to HodlGod. This will register you as a player, and create a wallet which will store your tokens.

3. Upon logging in for the first time, you can head over to the “lobby” tab to join a game. If you do not have a lobby to join yet, under available lobbies you will find all of the lobbies that are currently open and available to join. Click the join icon next to the one you would like to join, and the game will begin once the lobby is full. If you are getting errors when trying to a join a lobby, be sure your pop-up blocker isn’t active and refresh the page.

3.a. If you would like to start your own match with friends, simply type your own account name in the “Host Game” text box, and click the submit icon. Your friends will also be typing your account name to connect to you when they are ready to join.

Note: For the sake of the beta, only Casual league will be open. However, upon release of the game there will be 4+ separate leagues to compete in. If you reign supreme in one league you will have the opportunity to compete in the next league up for increased rewards.


Once you have joined a game, click on the “play” menu to begin playing. The game will be ready to start once all players have joined. Simply click the “adventure” button to start your adventure.

As you are playing you will be collecting gold by eliminating monsters, exploring, and opening loot chests. This gold is able to be converted into WAX which you can spend freely. There are only two ways to convert your gold into WAX.

1. Win the game. If you win you will receive a WAX reward for winning, plus a bonus for every gold piece that you have on your character at the time of winning.

2. Escape the game. There are certain scenarios within the game that will give players the opportunity to escape and cash out their gold. Be aware when these situations arise as you will not be notified and they are uncommon.

Players will also be matched up in 1v1 situations against other players that are in the same lobby. If you eliminate an opponent in a 1v1 scenario all of the gold that player had will be transferred to you, and vice versa if your opponent eliminates you. More info on the tokenomics of HodlGod below.

Easter eggs and hidden knowledge play a major role in HodlGod. You may be given hints at times, but much of the games knowledge will remain hidden, in order to incentivize exploration. It is up to the community and each individual to share or not to share this information as they please.

How To Win 10,000 WAX

This process is very easy. After you win WAX tokens from playing HodlGod, you need to claim your tokens, which you do by simply clicking the “power” menu and click the “claim” tab. After you are in the claim tab all you have to do is click the “claim” button and that is it! You will have all of the WAX you earned up to that point credited to your account. Be quick about it: there is a cap of 10,000 WAX to claim, so if you wait too long you may miss your opportunity if another player claims before you!

Tokenomics & Business Model

League System

Free League(KYC Required) — 20 players: Win 2 free league games to earn a free premium credit.

Casual League — 20 players: Win $20 in ELEMENT + Up To $5 Gold Bonus

Competitive League — 100 players: Win $200 in ELEMENT + Up To $50 Gold Bonus

Champions League — 1000 players: Win $4000 in ELEMENT + Up To $1000 Gold Bonus

NOTE: For this version we are using WAX for rewards and staking/credit purchase is disabled. Premium lobbies are not live yet, but when they are all rewards will strictly be using our native tokens VOID & ELEMENT. WAX Rewards are temporary. VOID is available for pre-order now here on NewDex with HodlGod Starter Kit pre-orders using PayPal as an alternative coming soon.

  • Players may pay or stake to play in premium lobbies.
  • $1 per each game credit purchased. Can be purchased using VOID/ELEMENT and we will add more currencies to purchase credits in the future.
  • 100% of revenue generated from credits purchased goes to Onessus.
  • $50~ stake per game credit. Stakes last for one month, and players can only stake VOID/ELEMENT, no new currencies will be added for staking ever. For clarification, staking to play will only ever be available to holders of VOID or ELEMENT.
  • 0%-10% annual inflation of ELEMENT, relative to player participation.
  • Inflation rewards paid out in Element 115 (ELEMENT). ELEMENT is our new cryptocurrency that acts as a subsidiary of VOID. There is no pre-mine of this token and it is minted by staking our core token, VOID.
  • A 2% fee of all rewards earned by players via HodlGod/GEEC will go to Onessus.
  • All prices may be adjusted by Onessus in the future to ensure an optimally performing economy, and prices will be adjusted weekly to stay tethered to USD value. Price changes are publicly viewable at all times.


1. Each round within a game has a set time limit, failure to make a decision within this time limit will result in a no questions asked disqualification. You will not be refunded credits if disqualified. The time limits are as follows…

Free League: 3 minutes per round.

Casual League: 20 minutes per round.

Competitive League & Champion League: 16 hours per round.

2. Do not be the last player to make a decision. If you are the last player in the game to submit your decision you will lose 10 HP, and if you only had 10 HP you may be eliminated from the game.

3. Do not make deposits in this version of the game. Staking and credit purchasing will be available in premium HodlGod. This version is strictly Free To Play.

HodlGod Teams & Sponsorships

Players may sponsor other players through the dapp smart contract. Free agents that are sponsored will split rewards earned with their sponsor 50/50. After the free agent uses all credits provided by his sponsor, the free agent will return to getting 100% of his rewards. The majority of our dapps, will have this system integrated to encourage community growth and participation.

How To Create A HodlGod Team

1. Go to the “power” menu.

2. Once you have credits click the “+” tab and enter the name of the user you would like to sponsor. If this user is self sponsored or already a member of a team you won’t be able to sponsor them.

3. If you want to expand your team you can use the HodlTeams subreddit here

Note: If you would like a dedicated sponsor go to the config tab and under the sponsor section enter the name of the sponsor that you want to delegate. Once you delegate a sponsor ONLY that individual will be able to sponsor you.

Note: If you would not like anyone to ever sponsor you, in the config tab you have the option to make yourself unavailable as opposed to being a free agent.




Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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