The Dr Zammsy Superblend Is Here!

Upgrade Your Dr Zammsy NFTs!

Remember last week when we dropped our 15-part story of Kraven Falkirk and the Three Enigmas of Palagon with our friends at Dr Zammsy?

The packs barely lasted two minutes before they sold out and we are super appreciative of both the HodlGod and Dr Zammsy communities for their enthusiasm.

Today, we’re launching an upgrade mechanism to help people collect the full Enigmas of Palagon story. We know some of you may have duplicate cards and not everyone has been able to complete the full set. So we wanted to make that happen.

Today, November 15th at 12pm EST, head over to Nefty Blocks and superblend your way up to get those rarer cards.

How does it work?

In the Uncommon blend, sacrifice any 2 Common story cards to receive a random Uncommon NFT.

The Rare blend lets you turn any 2 Uncommon story cards to receive a random Rare NFT.

The Epic blend lets you blend any 2 Rare story cards to receive a random animated Epic NFT.

In the Legendary blend, trade in any 2 Epic story cards to receive a Legendary Bounty Contract Sword of Palagon NFT…

And use the Mythic blend to forge 2 Legendary story cards to receive an Immortal Genesis NFT.

Here’s a graphic to illustrate:

We did say it was a super blend, and we meant it!

Now that’s how you get from common, through uncommon, rare, epic, legendary… all the way up to MYTHIC!

On November 15th at 12PM EST (5PM UTC) the rarity upgrades will begin… we’d love to see all the Dr Zammsy fans out there with full sets of the Three Enigmas of Palagon in their wallets!

Let’s get superblending!







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