The Dice of the Internet… Draco Dice’s Special VOID Collection

3 min readNov 5, 2021

They’re calling it a seismic shift in blockchain gaming.

And we think they could be onto something.

To be unleashed this Saturday Nov 6 at 12pm EST, Draco Dice is a project spawned to give genuine cross-game, cross-platform (WAX, Ethereum, BSC) ownership of in-game utility through dice… the dice of the internet, no less.

Draco Dice are kicking off with 3,300 gorgeous, hand-crafted dice NFTs of a range of variations, designs, colors, and rarities and Onessus is proud to be taking part. The plan is for the dice to be able to be used across games… giving you opportunities to confront your enemies with a whole new weapon.

The genesis set will only be available for a limited time, so have your wallets ready to jump at this chance.

And furthermore… this genesis sale is your only chance to get a set of limited edition VOID dice! All you need to do is buy 5 Major boxes of dice during the sale window and you’ll get a box set of 6 VOID-themed dice.

This promotion is limited and is available to buyers who buy their major packs in VOID only on the WhenStaking platform.

And furthermore AGAIN… there will be a dice drop in-game in HodlGod THIS WEEKEND ONLY after the sale begins… even more exclusive VOID dice NFTs for those warriors left standing holding the dice at the end of the game! This promo is for all our HodlGod warriors out there and is only available for the weekend of the Draco Dice drop… never to be found in-game ever again.

Let’s get specific:


There are two time windows to claim your share of the genesis set: Saturday, November 6th at 12pm EST (4pm UTC) (for four hours) and Sunday, November 7th at 12am (4am UTC) (for four hours).


The WhenStaking Drops page.


You can buy as many dice boxes as you like, but for 835k VOID, grabbing 5 MAJOR boxes will get you the exclusive pack of VOID dice. These VOID dice will come in a 4-sided, 6, 8,10, 12, and 20 format and will be airdropped to eligible buyers in 2 weeks. (You’ll need to buy them one at a time)!

One Major box: 167,000 VOID
One Minor box: 33,266 VOID
One Blockchain Heroes box: 49,983 VOID


I’m sure we don’t need to explain that, but not only is this your only chance to get these VOID dice on the primary market, it is also your chance to participate in something we think could be a huge development in blockchain gaming. Draco Dice promises to be a genuine project-for-the-future. Check out their Discord and we hope to see you at the sale.

Let’s roll the dice!

Before we go… this calls for another primer on how to buy VOID:

We know you’ll be keen to get yourself some more VOID tokens for this sale, so we wanted to give a refresher on how to go about doing that.

Head on over to Alcor exchange to buy VOID with WAXP. (You can get WAXP on Binance, Kucoin, and Bittrex or with a credit card through your WAX Cloud wallet).

As Alcor is a DEX, once you buy VOID they will go straight to your wallet. Check out your tokens on

To view your VOID holdings directly in your WAX Cloud wallet, click manage under tokens, then add custom token, and manually enter the following:

Token symbol: VOID

Decimal places: 4

Token contract: onessusonwax

As always, keep up-to-date through our social channels and website and feel free to reach out any time with any questions, comments, ideas!









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