Onessus Nuclear Announcement

14 min readJul 24, 2022

NOTE: Much of this article has been deprecated, follow our Twitter at to stay up to date on all things Onessus.

Today marks the day of the long awaited announcement which will be covering every project currently under the umbrella of Onessus. We implore you to remember that our vision for Onessus is one that we would like to execute fully over the next 3–5 years. In moments of bear market capitulation it is easy to get caught up in short term gains, ignoring the fundamentals of what we have already developed, our company growth since 2018, and our trajectory. Yes, like many in the space, these market conditions have of course affected us, but we still have grown significantly since our inception. And we aren’t stopping. Phase 2 of the journey of Onessus is just beginning.

Pivoting is not the end of the disruption process, but the beginning of the next leg of your journey.” — Jay Samit

Operation Instinct, The Game Engine

We have been waiting patiently to announce the secret bear market plan that we have been cooking up in the offices of Onessus. That plan is that we have decided to craft our own, one of a kind proprietary game engine with the sole purpose of rapidly developing games for web 3 communities. Built using Unreal Engine 5, and specifically created to offer a new experience to communities within the NFT, Crypto and Blockchain Gaming spaces.

Project Venom, was our first live test of this engine, which we tested privately within the Onessus community to gather feedback on the gameplay mechanics. This test was quite successful, and after gathering all of the feedback from our community and network of partners we’ve decided that it’s time to take the operation to the next level and reveal our full plan.

Why Build This Game Engine?

Operation Instinct can provide a ton of utility to any projects, across any blockchain, with an extremely low barrier of entry. It is as simple as downloading, and running a game client, no technical infrastructure or any bottlenecks to worry about.

By having this engine within our toolset as a company, we can open up our development studio to other web 3 companies and build for them. Using revenue from clients to stay profitable as a company in this market, and in turn using our profit to fund the full development of HodlGod, NiftyVille and Onessus as a whole. On top of this we are in the process of creating a $VOID powered DAO, the treasury of this DAO will be filled with a portion of our revenue generated from every client, as well as other revenue sources such as future NFT/Token sales. VOID holders will get the opportunity to vote on how this treasury is deployed.

This means that as long as we can maintain a viable business model, our entire ecosystem wins.

The good news for our community is that we have been extremely hard at work validating this business model, and we have received an overwhelming level of interest from the businesses we have initially approached. We have already officially onboarded our first clients. And additionally as a part of our licensing agreement all of the clients we develop games for will be required to have our website on the loading screen. This means we will be receiving promotion in perpetuity for our services, which is a key element for our growth strategy as we scale.

And even more exciting, based on the demand we have seen so far for our services, we believe within 6–12 months we can begin generating the same amount or even more revenue for Onessus through this new business model as we did through the bull market.

To be very clear, this is a massive win for Onessus as a whole. The majority of companies are struggling through this bear market, most with no back up plans, and in the matter of a couple of months we have managed to create a profitable strategy again as a company within these market conditions.

The Plan

Many of you have expressed concern with the state of Onessus and the development of our products. While our roadmap has been altered and certain aspects delayed, we are very much still going full force in delivering all of the products promised. Our goal now is to deliver as much value as we can to our community, while building a sustainable business model that isn’t reliant on NFT/Token sales. We ask you to stay open minded as this shift is what is going to put us beyond the competition, while bringing an insane new world of value and utility to everyone.

Battlegrounds NFTs

What if I told you that you could own licensing rights to our game engine and Onessus as a game development studio? What if I told you, not only this, but you would also have the power to host your own events, with your own tokens, and freedom to launch your own play to earn ecosystem using our platform? Any project that wants our studio to build their game will firstly be required to own one of these NFTs. This is the power of our new Battlegrounds NFTs.

Did I mention that nearly all Onessus NFTs valued at over $1 value will be used as credits to burn for free Battlegrounds NFTs. The more value in NFTs the more you will be able to redeem, and we will airdrop some to those holding certain NFTs as well. We see this as a massive gift for our community to have the opportunity to benefit from the growth of Onessus as a whole, as opposed to a single project. We view ourselves ultimately as being a project agnostic studio that we can scale to one of the top metaverse studios in the world. With the Operation Instinct Engine giving us a massive head start.

Utility Of The Battlegrounds NFT Collection

  • Access to license our pre-built game clients, such as Project Venom, NiftyVille Gang Wars (more info below) etc.. to run your own play to earn business, your NFTs, your tokens, your rules, your revenue. This will be a growing list of games, which we will also be adding partners to. Partner projects may require you to be holding one of their NFTs as well as a Battleground NFT.
  • Access to hire our development studio to create a custom game for you using our engine starting at $35K, with a turn around time of 6–10 weeks. The utility of this is getting a massive discount on development in comparison to other studios in the space charging $500K-$1M for even basic trading card games.
  • Access to our exclusive Battlegrounds Discord Server, with other Generals, to discuss Alpha and strategies surrounding turning your Battleground NFT into a full blown business, or at least a tool to grow your community optimally. We will be offering a select few Generals with the opportunity to work alongside us as partners.
  • Direct access to our team at Onessus to provide feedback, and advice on business/marketing strategy when

Battlegrounds Subscription and Licensing System

By holding a Battleground NFT, you will have the capability to purchase a low priced monthly subscription, which will allow you to host your own custom events through the Operation Instinct platform. We will even allow some game client customization to have your own loading screen, and more to represent your brand.

We do not take a percentage of any of your earnings by hosting your own events. Any revenue generated by your use of our game clients is 100% yours, you can freely integrate your own tokens/NFTs or anything else as rewards within your ecosystem. All we ask for is our monthly subscription fee, and you have the freedom to create whatever type of ecosystem you’d like.

Value provided to VOID holders.

A portion of sales from the Battlegrounds NFT sale will go towards the VOID DAO Treasury. And additionally as mentioned earlier in the article a portion of the revenue generated from our game development clients will also go into the treasury. This will begin to be a normal practice for us, to grow our ecosystem and give VOID holders even more utility in what we are building on all fronts.

Soldier Team VOID Auctions?

We are in the planning process of selling 24 Project Venom teams in VOID auctions. Each team will have 4 soldier NFTs that are given entry into multiple games, each with VOID prizes, which can be sold individually on the secondary market. This is a concept that we would like to scale into something more eventually, depending on our community’s participation and interest. There is no set date on this event’s arrival, but something to be on the look out for.


NV Single Player Demo

In order to show off the world that we’ve built so far we are preparing to release an open world single player version of NiftyVille. This version will of course not include most of the features the full game will have, but it will show the progress that is present and let you guys shop for your favorite real estate locations! We are aiming to have this released by the end of this year.

NiftyVille Exotic Car Races Mini-game

Got a NiftyVille Exotic Car sitting in your garage? Well get ready to wipe the dust off and take her out for a spin, as we are releasing Exotic Car races as a mini-game in the NiftyVille world, built on our brand new Operation Instinct engine. All of the games built on our new engine will feature “auto-battler” style mechanics, where in this example an AI will be controlling your exotic car as you are spectating the event live. We are aiming to have this released by the end of year as well.

NiftyVille Gang Wars Mini-game

This is our other Operation Instinct engine built game within the NiftyVille metaverse. Simply gang up solo or with friends, and fight your AI “gang member” until the last man is standing to win prizes. When generative Niftians are released you will be able to play as your very own Niftian. Just like all of the other games built on our engine, this will be an AI-powered community spectator based game. This will be the first to release out of the 3 NiftyVille games mentioned in this article.

NiftyVille VOID Property Auction

The VOID property auction is something that we’ve wanted to do for quite some time, and have everything prepared on our end in order to make this happen. However, we are currently waiting until the timing is more optimal. There will be a more formal announcement in regards to this soon, but in general our mind set is we would like to align this with our upcoming mini-game launches for NiftyVille as a part of the launch event.

NiftyVille Generative Character NFTs

One of the most exciting secrets we have in the vault of Onessus is the NiftyVille generative character collection. We have already created around hundreds of unique traits, on our way to building a meaningful collection of one of a kind characters, all of which will be playable in-game. We don’t want to release these NFTs too soon, as the market doesn’t really have a demand for most NFTs at the moment. In the meantime we will be expanding on this collection, and the utility it will bring to our current community. Did I mention, Real Estate and Exotic Car NFT holders will be able to mint for free?

Here are some exclusive leaks of the generative characters assets. A small sneak peek of what the full collection will consist of.

New Utility For NiftyVille Real Estate & Exotic Car NFT Holders.

In addition to the already promised utilities, holders of these NFTs will receive these additional utilities..

Real Estate Holders

  • Ability to host dedicated, private servers in NiftyVille. A real estate property will be required to do this in the future.
  • Large free Battlegrounds NFT airdrop + pre-sale whitelist.
  • Download your own custom client to host NiftyVille Exotic Car Races & Gang War Mini-game events. A Battleground NFT will be required as well, but this will be airdropped for free to property holders.
  • A large free mint of NiftyVille Generative Characters, and pre-sale whitelist for a significant discount.

Exotic Car Holders

  • Free Battlegrounds NFT airdrop + pre-sale whitelist.
  • Download your own custom client to host NiftyVille Exotic Car Races. A Battleground NFT will be required as well, but this will be airdropped for free to car holders.
  • Free mint of NiftyVille Generative Characters, and pre-sale whitelist for a discount.

We will be bringing more utility as time goes on, but we thought this would be a pleasant surprise, for those that have continued to support us during this transitionary period.


HodlGod 2v2

The timing here for HodlGod, forced us to close down the servers temporarily prior to us releasing the update that we finished with a new map and new 2v2 game mode. On the bright side, we have a massive amount of content that is ready to go for HodlGod, and the re-release is going to be a big one. We’ve finished creating a Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM) system, which we will use to create tokenomics centered around skill rating x APR x VOID stake. This will add an additional incentive for the high level players to compete, and new/casual players to have a fun experience without getting crushed by experienced players.

HodlGod PvE Mode

The PvE mode we have been working on for HodlGod for about 9 months now, and have made significant progress moving towards the ultimate vision for HodlGod. For those that were here from the very beginning, you know that our vision has always been very grand for this project and that is what we will deliver. The battle royale mode that you all know and love was just a small glimpse into what we actually have in store. Mixing the best of both worlds of PvP and PvE, within purgatory mode, is going to make an experience like no other in the gaming space. We still have a long journey ahead of us to reach this goal, but we are proud of the progress our team has made on HodlGod since we wrote the first line of code in 2020.

HodlGod: Operation Instinct Mini-game

In the spirit of further showcasing our engine, while also providing even more value to our OG HodlGod community, we have begun the development of a “battle-royale’’ esque mini-game for HodlGod. This mini-game of course being based on our new Operation Instinct engine, players will have AI warriors placed in a battlefield that will have to face off against various creatures, and other warriors to be crowned the last standing. Entry into these events will require certain NFTs in the HodlGod collection, that may vary from each event. We would like to host some polls, so that the community can additionally vote on which NFTs should be used as the entry requirement.

Stream To Earn

We have been working on revamping the Stream To Earn (STE) system from the ground up using the year long data set that we’ve retrieved from our STE testing that was done within HodlGod. With this you can expect the re-release of STE to be based on a system where you can stream anything it is that you want. No longer will our streaming community be limited to HodlGod. There will be various bonuses and special events for streaming certain categories or titles, but as long as you are live and following the rules, you will be able to mine within STE on your schedule in the way that you would prefer most.

Another very useful insight that we’ve gathered is in reference to yield. Our new system here will now be based on an APR yield instead of a set VOID amount. There will be some other significant infrastructure changes to make this project sustainable, which we will announce in a future update.

Our long term plan here is to release STE chest NFTs, which can be opened to give various boosts and challenges to complete. Enhancing your STE farming experience.


Nothing major on the horizon for WhenStaking (WS) at the moment. However, one important thing to note is that we are planning a drastic reduction of APR within the WS system soon as a part of our plan to maintain a stable economy and ecosystem for the long term. The current rates can be seen as introductory rates and as a thank you to our early supporters. Make sure to get in your stakes before this event!

Yield Universe

The Planet NFT collection, was unfortunately released at the start of the market downturn, and didn’t allow for the majority of the planets to be minted. For those that are actively supporting this project we are here to continue providing value, with the goal of minting out all of the planets, and expanding the brand far beyond what it is. In order to do this, we need the support of our community to take initiative alongside us. We have some ideas, but community support and resources are going to play an imperative role in the growth of YU. For now, here are some ideas we are pondering. Do let us know your thoughts!

  • Planet holders get whitelisted for Battlegrounds NFTs (As detailed earlier in the article).
  • Planet holders can burn planets for free Battlegrounds NFTs.
  • We have four 1/1 guardian NFTs designed. We’d like to auction them to the community in one of the following ways. Please let us know your thoughts/ideas within the Yield Universe Discord
  • Burn planets to be entered into a raffle for 1/1 guardian NFTs.
  • VOID auction for 1/1 guardian NFTs.
  • ETH auction for 1/1 guardian NFTs. If we break $15K ETH in sales, we can build a planet domination mini-game for Yield Universe, using our Operation Instinct engine. The other 2 options would not provide us the resources to build this mini-game. But could still be something we can look into developing in the future.
  • We are open to attaching NiftyVille real estate, to give a free property to each auction winner as well.
  • Community-hosted marble race events, requiring Planet NFTs as an entry to the events, and a game show host from our community for the events.


We are building a lot, while still working on scaling our team back to 100% and beyond. The process for us to realize our highest potential could take 6 months or 10 years. Don’t let the short term market sentiment cloud your judgement. We have been around as a company since 2018, and in 12 months from now we think it will be undeniable that we have crafted an excellent shift for our company’s sustainability. While many other companies are struggling trying to sell NFTs and coins, which worked in the bull market, we have quickly crafted a business strategy that transcends any market conditions.

While things will be moving slower for the time being, Onessus is here to stay. Our community’s patience and support is now more important than ever.

If you would like to contribute to the growth of Onessus, or any of our projects, as a community leader feel free to reach out as we have some opportunities for you to be a part of our journey and transition to decentralizing aspects of the company into a DAO.

Make sure to keep your notifications on so you don’t miss any upcoming limited time airdrops, or other key events!




Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.