New Onessus Game Launch This Week + Major Announcement

5 min readApr 30, 2022

Dear Onessus Community,

Today we bring you a major announcement that we strongly advise every member of the Onessus community to take the time to read and digest.

We would like to start by announcing the initiative we have been working on to provide value to the entire Onessus community, giving more utility than ever to your VOID, and NFTs from HodlGod, NiftyVille, and Yield Universe. That initiative is a brand new, Unreal Engine-built game we are releasing THIS week by the name of Project Venom: Operation Instinct, that we invite you all to participate in our first testing event for.

What is this new game?

Project Venom is a community integrated, modern-style, AI-powered, team-based battle royale game. It is different, because it is not a game you download and play, it is a game you stream and watch, like football but in the metaverse.

Imagine 96 soldiers on a battlefield, all controlled by AI, each representing a member of our community, which could be YOU. Team up with up to 3 friends, and take on the world together in an adrenaline pumping, high octane event, to see if your soldiers will survive to be the last standing. Be advised, that although you can team up with friends… Ultimately there can be only one winner.

We will be releasing a video soon that goes over how the gameplay works.

Why did you build it and how does it affect the current Onessus community?

1. As many of you know, we recently began experimenting with Marbles On Stream community games to engage the community and provide a meaningful way to connect, while also providing value and an exciting experience to everyone. This was amazing, and we felt an aura within the ecosystem that we never felt before. However, although the experience was great, we thought Marbles On Stream as a game itself was not exactly what we were looking for. And to our surprise, Marbles is one of the only games on the market of its type. We saw this as another great opportunity to innovate, and carve out a new genre of gaming.

2. Project Venom was made with the sole purpose to connect and provide additional utility to VOID and NFTs from all Onessus collections. So gather your VOID, bounty contracts, exotic cars, and get ready for battle. (Yes, other Onessus NFTs will be included as well.)

3. Project Venom goes beyond Play To Earn, as this is not a game you play. With this being a community-integrated spectator based game, this gives us the opportunity to build exclusive partnerships with other projects and influencers, allow them to get in on the action, and provide value to their communities as well. The more partners, will mean more players, and immediate exposure to the Onessus ecosystem.

Will there be NFTs for Project Venom?

While we are open to considering an NFT sale for this project in the future, this game as of now has been solely created to provide value to the current Onessus communities and projects, VOID, HodlGod, NiftyVille, and Yield Universe. All of these projects will be the primary focus of Project Venom. We will let you guys, the community, be the judge of the game’s value. If you love it, we can expand on it. If you hate it, we can scrap it and build something better!

Wen VOID — NiftyVille Property Auction?

We know many of you are very excited for the unveiling of VOID BLVD as the next road available within the NiftyVille metaverse. This exciting event to bring even more utility to VOID holders will be announced and launched this month. With auctions held live within Discord for everyone to participate in!

Will Stream To Earn come back?

YES! The STE system will be expanded to cover streaming as a whole! This means you will be able to livestream any game or activity that you want and earn VOID doing it. We have taken the data from running the program for roughly a year now and we are upgrading the program to go far beyond what it originally was. We don’t have an ETA quite yet, but just know the system is being reworked to make its debut permanently and we have heard all of your feedback and concerns from the system previously to make this better than ever.

The State Of Onessus, Price of VOID, Game Updates.

Now let’s talk about the state of overall development within Onessus. With the recent sales being greatly affected by the pullback of the crypto market, this has left our company in a tough position. Up until this point we have been able to move forward at a fast pace of development due to us being self-funded. We were able to take the profits generated and put them all back into development. However, with the recent crosshair sale doing only 15K WAX ($3,400) as of today’s WAX price, a 97% reduction from our previous HodlGod sale. This isn’t even enough to support the monthly server/API upkeep costs, let alone our team of 40 employees that are building this vision together with us.

With this said we have had to discuss internally and make the tough decision to temporarily make major reductions to our team in order to remain sustainable. These reductions will make it near impossible to develop at the pace we once were, meaning that the release of NiftyVille will have to be postponed, and unfortunately the HodlGod servers will have to be shut down until the game is ready. We will do private testing events for our games with some members of our community prior to launch, and will wait to release publicly until these games are close to leaving an Alpha stage build. Our team is working to close a private funding round, which could turn things around quickly for us but we are not reliant on funding, we will still continue to build with or without it.

The best we can do now, is provide value for everyone in other ways and make the most of what we have here. If there is one thing I want to emphasize, the price of VOID may be affected in this crypto downturn, but we are in it to build this company for the next 30 years. Those that see the fire in our veins to build Onessus to its greatest potential are those who we want to be around when this vision is fully realized. This announcement will mark a moment in history for Onessus, and an opportunity to be captured like no other for those that can see that vision.

This train never stops. And we’d love to continue having you along for the ride.




Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.