New Immortal Gear Sets Herald Major P2E Upgrades in HodlGod

  • Immortal Gear Series 2 packs will be selling for half-price in a pre-sale Dec 2nd, 12pm EST
  • Main sale goes live Dec 7th, 12pm EST
  • ALL HodlGod NFTs will get an APR re-set to 85%
  • Staking values (capacities) for the new series are massive
  • We’re ushering in substantial changes to our play-to-earn structure to increase earnings capacities

HodlGod’s Four New Immortal Gear Sets

The Pre-Sale

The Main Sale

… But We Have Two Bold Changes To Talk About

And we’re not finished…

  • owning HodlGod NFTs
  • staking them on WhenStaking
  • backing them to full capacity with $VOID
  • And playing the world’s best PvP P2E game…



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