Introducing, The HodlGod Genesis NFT Toy Collection. With Dragons.

Stay Tuned For The One Time Hatching Event

It has been a few weeks since our collaboration drop with Blockchain Heroes went live. We didn’t expect it to sell out as quick as it did. In less than a second all $75K worth of NFTs were sold, even after we set a limit to each person participating. This made it very difficult for anybody to purchase any, including our own team members, which was very frustrating to many in our community who were looking forward to that drop. Due to this we’ve started to consider a number of solutions. In this event we are working on implementing the optimal drop system for our community, we’ve created a new amazing drop as a way to make up for this previous event. With whitelisting early access, for our true core community to get first access.

What Is The HodlGod Genesis Toy Collection?

The Genesis Toy Collection consists of 18 brand new HodlGod collectible toy NFTs, There will be 4 dragons, 4 dragon eggs, 5 Immortal Armors, and 5 Immortal weapon sets. Every single item in this collection can either be held for collector value, or redeemed at any time for VOID. These NFTs will all be sold separately, and for a limited time. Each sale will last 2 hours, and any unsold NFTs will be burned forever. 14 of the new collectibles will be available for purchase, the only 4 that will never be available for purchase are the 4 dragons. The only way to get one of the dragons is to hatch them from eggs, during our one-time hatching event.

All of the collectible toys will be stakeable within NFT-Fi, immediately upon release of the new protocol. Stay tuned for this!

Collectible Toy Pricing & Unbox Rewards

The following pricing and unbox reward has been set based on the average trading price of VOID token over the past week. The pricing/rewards are only set for the first sale, the future collectible toys may have different pricing.

Purchase new NFTs here!
Redeem NFTs for VOID by unboxing here!

Element Walker+Demon Gene Armour Collectible Toy

Price: $100 (in WAXP)

Unbox Reward: 700K VOID

Limit: 500/ea.

Element Walker+Demon Gene Weapon Collectible Toy

Price: $50 (in WAXP)

Unbox Reward: 350K VOID

Limit: 1000/ea.

Red Rekt & Sky Shadow Dragon Egg Toy Collectibles

Price: $200 (in WAXP)

Unbox Reward: 1.4MM VOID

Limit: 250 ea.

How To Hatch Eggs

Following the Toy Collection sales, there will be a limited window to hatch your eggs into Dragons. In order to do this is very simple, as long as you have 10M VOID in the same WAX account as your dragon eggs, you will receive the corresponding dragon airdropped into your inventory during the hatching event. Please remember, this is a one-time event for each egg. If you miss this event you will only be able to get the Dragon Collectible Toys from the secondary marketplace.

The first 8 in this collection will become available on May 25, 2021 at 2PM EDT. With the first hatching event following about 1 week later. Be ready with all of your eggs and 10M VOID in the same wallet.

Where to get VOID

Check out our 90 second quick start guide here for more information on how to acquire VOID, to prepare for the hatching event and whitelisting.

How Will You Be Stopping Bots/High Traffic?

We will be increasing each sale we do to a maximum capacity of $300K, based on our calculations, this should be enough room for everyone who is present at the start of the sale to get their fair share. They very well may still sell out very quickly, so in order to give an equal opportunity to our core community. Anybody holding 10M+ VOID, will be able to have early access to the sale. This will be based on a snapshot from May 22nd 6PM EST, so you have approximately 24 hours from the time of this article being posted to acquiring 10M VOID if you would like to be whitelisted to access the sale 10 minutes earlier.




Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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