Introducing DR-1 — A DappRadar x HodlGod Collab Collectible

We at Onessus are excited to announce a new DappRadar x HodlGod NFT collab!

DappRadar have never before minted an NFT, so we’re delighted to be partnering with them on their first drop. (And without giving away too much… there will be more to come!)

DappRadar is the world’s #1 NFT & DeFi dapp store, giving users an easy overview of the dapp, DeFi protocol, and NFT universe. They have over 6,000 dapps listed so far and are the go-to source for information on the development of the decentralized world.

The DappRadar x HodlGod NFTs will be dropping during a two-hour sale on July 27th at 2pm EST on AtomicHub. Get your WAX wallets and WAXP ready… we think this is going to be huge!

The Story Behind the Collab

Because DappRadar and Onessus both stand at the forefront of a new era of technology that promises to usher in a whole different future, we wanted to frame this collab to reflect our contributions to technological development in the decentralized space, while lending the NFTs a futuristic feel.

And just as building out the future requires putting together different parts to form a whole, we have created a set of robot body part collectibles. Anyone who collects all the parts will have built the whole robot — DR-1 — bringing it to life.

The five NFTs in the set are as follows:

  • Torso Capsule $250 each (total 550)
  • Energy Orb $200 each (total 550)
  • Right Arm Capsule $150 each (total 550)
  • Left Arm Capsule $150 each (total 550)
  • Legs Capsule $150 each (total 550)

The exquisitely detailed animated NFTs are designed to reflect robotic strength and energy, and a futuristic feel. The legs, torso, and arms of DR-1 are set inside HodlGod + DappRadar Protocol capsules — labelled incomplete and non-functional. The energy orb — the center of the robot’s strength — glows inside of its own rounded capsule, spinning in space.

Collectors who buy and hodl all five, will be airdropped DR-1, animated to emerge from the capsule, piece together all body parts into one, coming to life.

What The Future Holds

Hodlers who have the five NFTs and the whole robot in their wallet, will be airdropped another NFT, as a reward for hodling, soon after the drop. In line with the futuristic theme of the collab, wallets will be snapshotted at some time in the future after the drop (don’t worry… it won’t be too far away).

Those who continue to hodl the complete set, DR-1, and the first airdropped NFT reward, will then receive a second reward NFT, via an airdrop. Once again, we can’t tell you exactly when we’ll be doing the snapshots, but the idea is to reward collectors who are hodling for the future.

It’s all about the future!

All the DappRadar x HodlGod NFTs are guaranteed to be stakeable on Onessus’ forthcoming NFT staking protocol. More details on the protocol can be found in our white paper, released last week.

The tokens will also be backed by their equivalent US dollar value worth of VOID tokens. We’ll work out the USD-VOID exchange rate on the 23rd of July.

An Important Difference in This Drop

To ensure everyone has an equal chance to get the collectibles at the drop price, without any opportunistic flipping during the sale, we will be doing something a little different this time.

During the sale period between 2pm to 4pm, collectors will be able to buy NTTs — Non Tradeable Tokens. Collectors will be buying watermarked artwork that represents the right to receive the real NFT by airdrop later that evening.

Those NTTs won’t be tradeable.

Once all NFTs have been distributed, collectors can start trading if they want.

So get prepared for what promises to be a landmark NFT drop for DappRadar and HodlGod… get ready for the future!

Get in touch with any questions about this sale:









Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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