HodlGod X Dark Country

On May 31st at 2pm EST, we will be launching a HodlGod x Dark Country colab with never-before-seen characters that could inhabit the worlds of both games!

HodlGod and Dark Country — two of the biggest games on the WAX network — came together to create some amazing characters.

Based on the Collectible Card Game (CCG) format, Dark Country is an American gothic game world where the items are created and owned by the players.

HodlGod, as you know, is a Battle Royale style game set in a fantasy setting. NFTs dropped in-game are owned by the players who win them.

The Drop

We created two main characters with different backgrounds and poses — a Wolf and a Cowboy. There are six different wolf and six different cowboy character items, including four animated characters (two wolves and two cowboys), two legendary and two mythic equivalent characters known as The Fabled.

These rare collectible characters won’t appear in either game, though. They are collectible NFTs that could come from either world.

Here is a sneak peak of one of our Cowboys:

… and check out this Werewolf

Awesome… What Do I Have to Do to Collect Them?

Based on feedback from our community, WE HAVE REMOVED WHITELISTING REQUIREMENTS. That means that anyone can grab a collectible during the 2-hour sale.

The tokens will be preminted and unlimited, so anyone who wants one can get one during the sale period, and then there will be no more tokens minted ever.

Because it is an unlimited sale, it will come with a premint. For this reason the sale will be broken down into two drop sales: A fixed-amount preminted one, and a mint-on-demand one.

The preminted sale will consist of a set of Nefty drops that are preminted and randomly distributed on NeftyBlocks.com.

Claim limits on premints will be the following:

+ Common — 350 of each, 15 claims total. (Mints 1–350 available)

+ Rare — 200 of each, 8 claims total. (Mints 1–200 available)

+ Legendary — 75 of each, 2 claims total. (Mints 11–85 available)

+ The Fabled — 20 of each, 1 claim only. (Mints 11–30 available)

The Mint-on-Demand sale will be a traditional Atomic Drop on AtomicHub that is mint-on-demand starting after what was preminted and/or reserved.

Reserved mints: The first 10 mints of the Legendary and The Fabled rarities will be reserved and awarded to the top collectors of their respective assets. 40 total assets reserved as low-mint rewards. Snapshot for Legendary and The Fabled holders will be at 11pm on the 1st of June.

Note: Claiming preminted drops requires more CPU than standard drops because of the smart contract call for random asset selection. Be sure you stake some extra WAX to your CPU resource so you claim the drop in case the blockchain is busy at the time of the sale.

Quick Refresher on WAX & $VOID

Remember, $VOID can be purchased using WAXP with your WAX Cloud Wallet at Alcor — wax.alcor.exchange/trade/void-onessusonwax_wax-eosio.token.

If you haven’t already got your WAX wallet, head to wallet.wax.io and login to the WAX Cloud Wallet. And to get WAXP, we recommend Bittrex.

Stay in the loop for all future announcements and upgrades, and we’ll see you at the HodlGod X Dark Country drop…








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