Oct 15, 2021

3 min read

HodlGod Update: Forge Your Badges Up To A New Centurion Bounty Contract!

At Onessus we’re always thinking of ways to make HodlGod more engaging and true to our commitment to play-to-earn. P2E is here to stay and we’re proud to be one of its pioneers.

In that spirit, we’re announcing today plans to implement badge blending so you can power up your earned badges all the way eventually to the all-new Centurion Bounty Contract!

Forge Your Way To The Top!

We know many warriors have a lot of badges in their wallets that they earned playing HodlGod. Now, we’re bringing new utility to those badges… by creating a whole new set of badges!

Now players can blend their old badges into our new badges at any time. With enough new badges, warriors can continue upgrading their badges to eventually earn our new Bounty Contract NFTs!

Here’s how it will work…

Gather your current badges and blend them into our new badges. Check out the Vanguard badge here:

Blend 3 old badges or 2 Stream-to-Earn/Play-to-Earn badges to get a new Warrior badge.

Those new Warrior badges can then be blended up. We’re always about power-ups at Onessus, so it is fitting that we’re going with a tiered blend-up process!

5 Warrior badges plus 50 Burn credits will power up to a Mercenary badge.

Blend 4 Mercenary badges and 100 Burn credits to get a Warlord badge.

Blend 3 Warlord badges and 150 Burn credits to get a Vanguard badge.

Blend 3 Vanguard badges and 200 Burn credits to get a Trophy of the Exalted Hunter:

Two Trophies and 250 Burn credits can be blended to get the new Centurion Bounty Contract!

Blend your badges here!

Additional In-Game Rewards

For HodlGod warriors, we’re offering more in-game rewards. Players who collect a Purple Coin and survive to the end of the game (and who hold 10M VOID as before) will now get 30k VOID — up from 10k.

If you collect a Green Coin in-game and survive to the end with it, and are equipped with a Bounty Contract, instead of getting a Play-to-Earn badge, you’ll be rewarded with a higher value Warrior badge.

And we’re adding a new coin to the game, the Red Coin. Collect that with a Centurion Bounty Contract and survive with it until the end, and win a Mercenary badge from our new badge system. This coin requires you to have the Centurion Bounty Contract.

Coming Soon!

Soon… warriors will be able to buy Burn credits with VOID! 50 credits costs 100k VOID. We’ll fill you in with more details soon.

Just as a note… the Centurion Bounty Contract will not yet be equippable in-game, but that is coming soon — The end of next week is the plan!

We’ll continue to announce new changes that reward players with these new badges directly. So stay tuned.

Play-to-Earn is real and getting better all the time in HodlGod, the world’s favorite Battle Royale style Play-to-Earn game.

These new changes follow from our massive list of upgrades and our new scholarship program announced recently!

Keep in touch for more updates as we continue to develop HodlGod.






And as always… Stay Immortal!