Announcing — HodlGod LIVE — The Blockchain Battle Royale RPG

We are very proud to announce HodlGod Live, a game like no other, which delivers a never-felt-before tremor in the gaming universe. This is a project we have been working on in the dark for a couple of months now, and we are excited to give you an inside look into the world we are building. Through this project, we are pushing the known boundaries of what is possible for blockchain gaming and for gaming itself, and raising the bar for developers entering this space.

Check Out Our Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser Here:

What is HodlGod Live?

HodlGod Live is a battle royale RPG with emphasis on both PvP & PvE mechanics. Players can either compete in a free 50-man last-player-standing contest, or go all-out in the crypto bounty game mode, earning crypto and ultra-rare tradeable cosmetic gear for playing. All gear and tokens earned are stored on the WAX Blockchain for guaranteed immutability — this gives users the ability to trade and use their winnings as pleases them. All items are earned by playing or through trade and sale on our marketplace where we charge a percentage-based fee as a part of our business model — we will never offer microtransactions or loot boxes.

The 50-player battle royale mode hosts a non-instanced open-world arena with numerous non-player characters (NPCs) mixed in with the other 49 opposing players. In the crypto bounty mode however, players are allotted their own instanced levels, which can then host 1v1 scenarios. In other words, there are never more than 2 connected players at any one time within any of these instances. In either case, be it 1v1 or purely PvE, there are also NPCs to be found within these instances.

“We are leveraging the blockchain and creating a new type of F2P business model.”

When in the crypto bounty game mode, players can either pay $1 for a credit to play, or if they are holding a certain number of VOID in their wallet they can get credits for free, hence the name “Hodl”God. We are heavily leaning into tokenomics for this game mode, and are leveraging the blockchain and thereby creating a new type of F2P business model. Remember, you only get a single life, so play smart!

More on HodlGod Live Gameplay Mechanics

HodlGod Live features various levels with different NPCs and bosses, destructible environments, and procedurally-generated levels, so technically you aren’t ever playing the same level twice in a row, since there are no pre-drawn maps. Players access an inventory system along with loot mechanics as seen in most RPGs. Characters have different abilities depending on the gear they are wearing. In addition, many randomly-generated events and content await players in the arena.

How are NFTs being used in HodlGod?

Players can complete challenging quests — not to earn equippable items, but to work towards unlocking what we call Immortal Gear. These are our ultra-rare in-game cosmetics, called immortal because they are stored on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens (NFT). This means that each immortal gear set is an individual and immutable token on the blockchain — owned and controlled exclusively by the player. Immortal gear will therefore always be tradeable among players on the blockchain, even if the game servers cease to exist. More information is soon to be released as to how these NFTs are structured.

“Immortal Gear will […]always be tradeable among players on the blockchain, even if the game servers cease to exist.”

How are VOID tokens intertwined with HodlGod?

Players acquire and sell VOID tokens through the Bancor liquidity pool, through Paypal, and through Coinbase, and then either convert their VOID tokens into game credits, or stake their VOID to generate regular income of game credits for gameplay. Game credits are non-tradeable tokens (NTT), which can only be redeemed to play HodlGod. VOID tokens are then monetized through the community we are creating which connects VOID lessors (hodlers renting out their VOID) with players. Rewards are then always 50/50 split between the lessor and the lessee/player. However, NFT rewards only go to the player. Additionally, you monetize VOID by providing liquidity within Bancor. Players equally leverage VOID through our other dapps currently in development.

How does HodlGod interact with the blockchain?

HodlGod uses the WAX Cloud Wallet to handle transactions; the player game client then authenticates the WAX account through the web client; permissions are then given to the player game client to interact with the HodlGod smart contract on behalf of the WAX Account. This is all handled through our API server. Both the crypto bounty mode in HodlGod Live and the web version of the game use the same smart contract in perfect sync.

How does the existing HodlGod web game transpose into a live game?

Fundamentally the games are identical. The web version retains the same turn-by-turn aspect, and the Live version fills in the blanks and adds the whole 3D graphic experience. More importantly, the two are connected through a redemption mechanism. When you are eliminated or eliminate a significant opponent you will have a chance at redemption. Redemption can either do nothing, bring you back to life, or eliminate you. Redemption is essentially the blockchain acting as the “dungeon master”, and anti-cheat. It doesn’t matter how many wall-hacks, aimbots, or cheats you have, as the blockchain decides either way. This therefore makes the crypto bounty game mode truly and entirely based on players’ decision-making.

“[Redemption] makes the crypto bounty game mode truly and entirely based on players’ decision-making.”

The 50-man free to play mode does not include the redemption mechanism, and is purely based on player skill.

When are we releasing HodlGod Live?

Currently we are in pre-alpha, and work is solidly under way. Keep watching our socials for more updates!

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