Nov 9, 2021

3 min read

A New Drop From Void Elementals: Where Science And Creativity Collide!

Void Elementals NFTs

A truly unique creator in the NFT space, Void Elementals’ inspiration stems from a love of science and a love of art.

Their NFTs are based on the periodic table of elements, with a solid foundation in science. But they make chemistry more approachable for everyone through their depiction of fun creatures and colorful, vibrant backgrounds.

Bringing a sense of fun to chemistry is Void Elementals’ style… and in that spirit, we’re proud to launch a new collaboration project with them, Antimatter 2, a reimagining of their first series.

Because at Onessus we love creativity and we’re also committed to innovation, a partnership with Void Elementals seemed a great fit!

As they themselves say it best, Void Elementals is “where science and creativity collide.”

And how cool are these?

Series 2: Antimatter 2

These premium hand-drawn characters come in Standard, Ion, and Quantum Astral packs. A touching renewal of their Series 1 collection, these newly crafted NFTs beautifully blend Void Elementals’ joint passions for both science and art.

Because there really is a little bit of art in science. And a little bit of science behind art.

And a whole lot of fun in both!

The preminted packs will be on sale for two hours only on Nefty Blocks!

The NFTs in this collection will be stakable on WhenStaking at a 60% APR for a limited time. Here are the capacities:

Standard: $4.00

Viridian: $7.62

Subzero: $9.41

Thermo: $12.30

Seismic: $26.67

Equinox: $80.00

Umbra: $160.00

And as a sneak peak into what the Void Elementals team have planned in the near future… they are launching a P2E Trading Card Game, in which these NFTs will have utility!

Sale Details

When: Tuesday Nov 16th at 12pm EST for 2 hours only!

Where: Nefty Blocks

A2 Standard Pack: 7 cards for $24.99

A2 Ion Pack: 14 cards for $44.99

A2 Quantum Pack: 22 cards for $64.99

All packs have a range of rarities, offering you a chance to collect the two rarest NFTs. Here are you chances:

Standard 40%

Viridian 21%

Subzero 17%

Thermo 13%

Seismic 6%

Equinox 2%

Umbra 1%

We’ll see you at the sale on Nefty Blocks!

Be quick! It only goes for two hours!

And, of course, stay in touch! We’re super active on our channels.