A Massive Week For Onessus… With A Spooky Halloween Ending In HodlGod


What a week it was for Onessus… exotic cars, Whitelist pass NFTs, NiftyVille activity… and it is about to finish off with a spooky conclusion for our HodlGod warriors.

Key Takeaways:

  • We announced our impending release of exotic car NFTs for NiftyVille.
  • We announced a real Lambo auction for the holder of the most cars.
  • We launched a new NiftyVille trailer.
  • We sold out our Whitelist Exotic pass NFTs and boosted its value to holders by adding giveaway exotic cars, from our Ethereum and Polygon collections.
  • We are dropping pumpkins in-game in HodlGod to celebrate Halloween: those who collect and survive to the end of the game get a new skin!
  • And we’re attending NFT.NYC… the biggest NFT event in the world!

The NiftyVille Exotic Cars and The Lambo Auction

Early in the week, we announced that we had created 6 slick-looking sports car NFTs for players to drive around NiftyVille in. This exotic car sale hasn’t started yet, but when it does we’ll let you know. It’ll be on OpenSea. And it won’t be far away.

Perhaps an even more exciting aspect to this is the Lambo auction!

We will be giving a Lambo to the hodler of the most of these NFTs when they sell out! So not only can you drive around NiftyVille in the coolest car in town; one holder will be able to drive around in the coolest car in town wherever they live… in real life.

This created some serious hype in our community, and no wonder. Not only are we soon to launch the world’s first open world P2E game, but we’re kicking off with exotic car NFTs and a real Lambo auction!

NiftyVille Exotic

Along with that announcement we crafted 100 NiftyVille Exotic Whitelist passes, which give hodlers the following benefits:

  • Early access to the exotic car sale (to buy up to 4)
  • A stakable NFT earning a 60% APR with a capacity of 10M VOID

THEN we decided to up the ante even more by upgrading those Whitelist passes to give holders additional benefits:

  • Early access to the exotic car sale to buy 3 NFTs and GET THE BLACK CAR FOR FREE
  • Get 2 additional exotic cars — also for use in-game in NiftyVille — that we are currently creating and will mint on Polygon
  • Pre-public access to play NiftyVille before anyone else

All 100 Exotic Passes were sold out in a few days, which necessitates a HUGE thank you to you, our community.

For finer details, all the Ethereum NiftyVille exotic cars — 999 of them — will count toward the tally for the Lambo auction. Even the free ones given to Whitelist holders! The 200 on Polygon won’t count for the auction, but we’re still pretty sure you’ll love them.

Speaking of NiftyVille… did we mention we launched the second trailer?

We have a few more collab drops coming very soon, too, so keep in touch… which, if you’re in New York, come visit us as NFT.NYC, the largest NFT event in the world. The event runs Nov 1–4, and we’d love to meet you to showcase our NFT games. Big thanks to our friends over at the Blockchain Game Alliance for the invite.

And it wouldn’t be like us to not finish the week with a bang!

Halloween Giveaways Await Our HodlGod Warriors

To celebrate Halloween, we will be dropping 500 pumpkins in HodlGod from the 30th to the 31st of October. They have a 50% spawning chance per game. Find a pumpkin, survive to the end of the game, and you’ll get a new Halloween-themed skin NFT (coming next week).

So jump on in to HodlGod this Halloween weekend, find the treats and earn yourself a new in-game skin. This is Halloween, HodlGod style!

Centurion Bounty Contracts Coming Soon

A little while ago we announced a reimagining of our badge reward system, including allowing warriors to forge their way up through our new Warrior, Mercenary, Warlord, and Vanguard badges… to our Trophy of the Exalted Hunter… all the way to earning our new Centurion Bounty Contract.

The Centurion Bounty Contract is coming very soon to the game. When it does, warriors equipped with one will be able to collect Centurion Coins that appear in HodlGod.

Also, the burn credits are now available to buy on WhenStaking, so it’s a great time for warriors to start forging their old badges into new ones.

And that’s a wrap to a busy week here at Onessus. We’ll keep working on our products and continue to keep you informed and updated.

Thanks for reading… and have a frightfully good weekend!









Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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Onessus is the dApp development studio behind HodlGod, NiftyVille, WhenStaking, and Yield Universe.

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